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Risk of DUI crashes increase over 4th of July weekend

If you are like many Illinois residents, you have some fun plans to celebrate the Independence Day this weekend. You may be heading out to a cabin, spending the long weekend at a loved one's house outside of Illinois or just relaxing with your friends at a backyard barbecue right here at home.

Whatever your plans may be, however, it is crucial to remember that this time of year comes with some serious risks that can drastically change a person's life. One of the biggest risks that seem to go hand-in-hand with the 4th of July is drinking and driving.

Changes in behaviors can be a sign of elder abuse

This week, the world recognized World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in an effort to bring attention to the issue of physical, mental and financial abuse that too many seniors are victim to. As important as the global efforts to highlight the issue certainly are, stopping elder abuse is often stopped thanks to the efforts of one person who raises concerns.

As we noted in this article on our website, elder abuse is a very serious problem that often goes unreported. We note many reasons for this, from physician concerns about violating privacy and fears of retaliation by caregivers to the unfortunate reality of dementia and other mental disorders. However, it only takes one person to notice something off or troubling to shed light on an abusive situation.

Despite industry efforts, truck driver shortages remain

The trucking industry is crucial to manufacturers, retailers and consumers across the U.S. Commercial trucks are used to transport perishable, heavy and even toxic cargo between states and across the country. It is indeed a critical industry but the fact is that the resources needed to support it are lacking.

Truck drivers are in short supply these days. There is a high demand for truckers but there aren't enough properly trained people to fill all the available spots; high rates of driver turnover only add to the issue. This situation leads to a couple different problems.

When farm accidents are serious, know your legal options

While working on a farm can be incredibly fulfilling, it can also be quite grueling, physically and mentally. People in this industry often work long hours doing manual labor, no matter what the weather is. They work with huge machines and animals that don't always do what they are expected to do.

Because of all these challenges, there is a very real risk to the health and safety of farm workers on a regular basis. If you work in farming, you are likely aware of these risks and do what you can to minimize them. However, you also need to be aware of what you can and should do in the event of an accident.

Changes to workers' comp laws in Illinois could impact workers

Illinois employees should understand that if they get injured or sick on the job, they could be eligible for workers' compensation. This employer-paid insurance allows an injured worker to collect benefits while also protecting employers from legal action by the employee.

Though there are certainly exceptions, workers need only prove that an injury was suffered in relation to their employment in order to collect benefits. However, that could be changing now that Illinois lawmakers are considering proposals that would place a burden on employees to prove causation.

This summer, beware of drunk boaters in Illinois

Illinois residents look forward to getting out on the water to fish, water ski or just enjoy the summer weather. However, because boating is seen primarily as a way to relax and just have fun, it can be easy to forget that operating a boat is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. 

While boating laws may seem to be a little more lax than those regarding cars and trucks, the fact remains that there are strict rules that dictate how a boat should be operated to avoid accidents. For instance, even though a boater can drink on a watercraft, it is illegal to operate a boat with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher in Illinois.

Wrong-way crashes and what Illinois drivers should know

Driving on city highways and rural roads may seem like two very different experiences, and they often are. However, when it comes to wrong-way driving accidents, the two can be more similar than you may think.

For example, imagine driving home very late at night. You see a set of headlights coming right at you very quickly. By the time you realize that the other driver is not getting out of the way, you may have no place to go to and not enough time to react before the car smashes into yours head-on. Does it matter if you are on a highway in the city or a rural road? 

Getting from point A to point B not always easy for truckers

Regular motorists across Illinois rarely get in their vehicle without a GPS device or their cellphone handy. This is because when we need to get somewhere unfamiliar, we typically need the help of a map app and real-time directions. Over the years, these devices and products have greatly improved a driver's experience in getting from one place to another by identifying the shortest route, making notes of heavy traffic levels and even setting up alerts for police and crashes on the side of the road.

However, these apps may not be that useful for truckers who are required to comply with strict road restrictions that aren't often noted in the apps that other drivers use every day. A trucker needs to have access to information about bridge heights and weight restrictions, and this information isn't always as accessible as most people would like.

Ways to minimize risks of nursing home neglect

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that patients in a nursing home facility have no family members who want to care for them or have no family whatsoever. But the fact is that nursing home residents often have family members who love and care for them very much.

While relatives may not be able to serve as a care provider for an elderly loved one by themselves, they can be vital advocates and protectors to ensure a nursing home patient is being properly cared for.

Farm workers face serious on-the-job hazards

The farming industry looks much different today than it did just a generation ago. Machines are larger and more technologically advanced; certain techniques have evolved over time; fewer people may be needed to do jobs that may now be automated. But at its core, farming is still the same in many ways.

Growing crops and tending to animals still requires physical labor, and people still work long hours outside to provide critical resources for themselves and consumers. Further, all of these responsibilities and tasks still come with certain risks. Whether you work on a smaller family farm or a large, commercial farm, you will face hazards at your job that can put your life and safety in danger.

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