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When age can put Illinois drivers in danger

There are many residents in Springfield who know someone who may not be a safe driver. Some of these people may be new to driving, but others may have decades of experience behind the wheel. It is those in the latter category that may have the most trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are no longer able to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Elderly drivers may not drive very often or even very far, which is why it can be easy for loved ones to assume that seniors do not pose a significant threat behind the wheel. However, family members may want to consider discussing alternatives to driving if a loved one suffers from declining cognitive functions, impaired eyesight or significant physical limitations. It can be a difficult subject to discuss, but it could ultimately save the driver's life and the lives of other motorists.

Illinois man killed after crashing into parked semi truck

Many people are aware of how dangerous it can be to get hit by a commercial-sized vehicle. We know that huge semi trucks are heavy and powerful and can cause catastrophic damage in any collision. These vehicles are also difficult to operate and take longer to speed up and slow down. However, a semi truck does not even need to be moving to pose a threat to drivers. 

Recently, for example, a man was killed when his car hit a truck that was stopped on the side of the road on I-94 in Illinois. The accident is under investigation, but this tragic crash serves as a grim reminder that even a stopped truck can be a threat to motorist safety. 

Illinois drivers: Focus on keeping road workers safe this week

Now that spring is here, many road construction projects will start up across Illinois. Whether they are major reconstruction projects or minor repairs, these jobs require workers to be out on the roads. The people who work in road construction can be in a vulnerable position and are frequently at risk of being injured in an accident.

In order to minimize the threat to the safety of these workers, flashing lights, signs and construction barrels are often put up to alert drivers that work is being completed in the area. Unfortunately, there are still accidents that happen as a result of negligence, recklessness or even just bad luck. However, drivers can go a long way in keeping road construction workers safe just by driving safer in these zones. That is the message that the Illinois State Police wants to send to drivers this week, which is National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Lawsuit: Man develops serious bed sores as a result of negligence

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is not always an easy decision to make. Families often try to care for an elderly parent or relative on their own, but eventually it may be necessary to move that person into a facility that can meet the physical, emotional and medical needs of vulnerable patients.

However, there are too many facilities that are poorly run. Negligent hiring practices, inadequate training and poor oversight of daily operations have all been reported at nursing homes across Illinois. Facilities can put patients in danger by subjecting them to abuse or negligence, despite giving family members assurances that a loved one will be taken care of. When and if this happens, it can be crucial for family members to take legal action to protect their loved one.

This was the route one man took after his father developed serious infections as a result of nursing home negligence.

32 injured in serious Illinois train accident

People all across Illinois have likely read about the terrifying accident that occurred recently at O'Hare International Airport when a train derailed. Details of the accident are still being investigated, but the information that is available paints a frightening picture. According to reports, the combination of human error and potential equipment failure led to the crash that injured 32 people. Thankfully, no one was killed.

This one accident brings up several critical topics related to personal safety, including negligence, work accidents and defective products. 

Springfield drivers: Avoid distraction, focus on driving

Every driver in Illinois should know that they are expected to drive safely. We know that operating a motor vehicle is a responsibility and requires skill and concentration because of how much damage that can be caused by dangerous or negligent behavior. 

Unfortunately, there are many drivers in and around Springfield who fail to take this responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to using a cellphone while driving. Using a phone behind the wheel has proven to be a major threat to the safety of motorists, and the state of Illinois prohibits drivers from using a handheld device while driving. Sadly, recent reports suggest that many drivers are still failing to comply with safe driving rules.

Trucker, trucking company cited in lawsuit after Illinois crash

Operators of large trucks and other commercial vehicles are required to comply with more rules and regulations than other motorists. This is because they are supposed to be in control of enormous, heavy and powerful vehicles that can be difficult to operate. Truckers are required to have additional licensing and comply with state and federal trucking laws. If they fail to do these things, they can cause a catastrophic truck accident.

One of the most crucial requirements that truck drivers and their employers are supposed to observe is the length of time a driver can be behind the wheel. Driving for several hours at a time, often through rural areas and on two-lane highways, can make a driver sleepy and fatigued which is why there are strict Hours of Service rules in effect for truckers. However, not everyone complies with these guidelines. Recently, for example, a drowsy trucker caused a devastating crash in Illinois and has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Teen worker injured at Illinois snowboarding park

With record amounts of snow accumulation, it has been a good winter for downhill skiing and snowboarding parks in Illinois. However, the season went downhill fast for a snowboarding park in Algonquin over the weekend when a teen worker was seriously injured.

According to reports, the 17-year-old was working at a beginner hill at Raging Buffalo Snowboard Ski Park on Sunday when his arm became entangled in the conveyor lift. A fellow park worker discovered the injured teen, still conscious, in a pit at the top of the hill where the lift sits.

Farming industry one of the deadliest in Illinois

Many American workers lose their lives each year to industrial hazards of their occupations. Understanding how to implement certain safety practices into everyday routines is essential for staying injury-free while on the job. Farming is one of the biggest industries in Illinois and may be one of the most dangerous as well.

There are many safety precautions to take into account when running a farm, especially when using farm equipment. Farmers have had various experiences while working in the field that have led to numerous injuries and even deaths. In fact, farm accidents claimed the lives of 570 people in 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

New Jersey's premises rule used in casino workers comp case

While some workers’ compensation cases are easily determined, based on facts presented to the court, other cases may be a little more difficult to substantiate. A clear cut answer may not always be available, leaving the courts to determine whether or not benefits should be awarded.

During one such case, the Division of Workers’ Compensation made a ruling in May, 2013 by awarding a Harrah’s Casino employee temporary and medical benefits. The presiding judge over the case ruled that under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law, the employee was allowed workers’ compensation benefits because she was technically still on Harrah’s property when an accident took place.

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