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Proposal to allow cameras in Illinois nursing homes gains ground

Parents and other adults spend much of their lives looking out for children and making sure they are safe. Throughout the years, though, children often become the ones who are looking out for their parents and taking steps to help keep them safe and healthy.

This is why it can be so difficult for families to decide on placing an elderly loved one in the care of a nursing home facility. Many people are not comfortable with leaving someone in the care of others, especially considering the fact that thousands of claims citing nursing home neglect or abuse are investigated every year. However, a proposal was recently made that might tackle this troubling issue across Illinois.

What should you do after a car accident?

Accident scenes are something that many motorists are all too familiar with. People all over Illinois have been rear-ended, clipped in traffic or struck by a reckless driver. Sadly, accidents are not uncommon; but each one can be frightening and chaotic for victims.

Seemingly in the blink of an eye, you can end up stopped on the side of the road with a damaged vehicle and potentially painful injuries. When and if this happens, it can be very upsetting and people may not be sure about what to do afterward. 

What you should know about car accidents caused by livestock

Residents of Illinois who live in rural areas are likely used to seeing cattle, pigs or horses on a fairly regular basis, whether they graze in fields next door or we see them behind fences as we drive through parts of Illinois. In general, these animals present no danger to anyone; however, if they are improperly secured or allowed to roam free, they can end up causing serious damage.

A recent article on our website explored how livestock can endanger farm workers and others in a variety of environments. That article can be viewed by clicking here. The article calls out multiple common risks associated with livestock, but in this post we want to explore how free-roaming livestock can affect motorists specifically. 

When little injuries cause big problems for workers

Workers in Illinois are generally aware that if they are hurt or get sick on the job, they may qualify to collect workers' compensation benefits. Companies are typically required to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover these payments, which in turn protects an employer from being sued by employees. 

However, there may be some confusion over the types of injuries that may qualify for this coverage. In many cases, people assume that unless an injury is catastrophic, like a serious burn or a brain injury, pursuing workers' compensation benefits is futile. But some of the most common workplace injuries for which people collect workers' compensation start very small and get worse over time.

5 people killed in tragic Illinois truck accident

The aftermath of a truck accident can be catastrophic. When a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision, there is often significant property damage, road closures, extensive cleanup efforts and emergency responders on the scene. This is all in addition to the most devastating damage: the injuries of people involved in the crash.

Injuries suffered in any motor vehicle accident can be quite serious, whether they involve broken bones, brain trauma or spinal cord damage. But when the vehicle that caused a crash is enormous and weighs as much as 80,000 pounds, injuries on a whole new level are reported. In many cases, victims of a truck accident are killed or suffer life-changing and permanent injuries.

NCAA agrees to improve brain injury diagnosis and policies

People all across Illinois participate in or love to cheer on college sports teams. College athletes are admired and encouraged by fans all across the country. However, some argue that the players have been missing support from one very critical source: the NCAA.

For years, there has been a debate about whether the NCAA is doing enough to protect young athletes from suffering serious and traumatic brain injuries. Between 2004 and 2009, more than 29,000 college football and soccer players suffered concussions and many people argue that the NCAA is at least partially to blame for the long-term consequences of these injuries.

What are the signs of elder abuse or neglect?

Families all across Illinois have to deal with the difficult decision of whether to place an elderly loved one in a residential care facility. As family members get older, their medical and physical needs can be difficult for individuals keep up with. In many cases, there may be no choice but to research nursing homes.

We assume that these facilities will be equipped to care for our loved ones with experience, compassion and professionalism. Unfortunately, there are cases when these workers provide substandard care or abuse patients who suffer from physical or mental deficiencies and vulnerabilities and cannot protect themselves or report misconduct.

Whiplash: What you need to know

Imagine you are driving home from work or heading out to the grocery in your car. It seems like a typical, routine trip when you stop at an intersection and wait for the light to turn green. Suddenly, you see a flash in your rear-view mirror and before you realize what is happening, you are rear-ended and your body is violently thrown forward and then slammed back.

You may be able to get out of your car, assess the damage and exchange insurance information with the other driver. You may go back home, glad to be safe but are still understandably shaken after the crash. But what many people may not realize is that there could still be serious health concerns that they may need to worry about, including whiplash.

Prosecutors cite negligence, abuse in nursing home fatality

When families are exploring their options for admitting a loved one to a nursing care facility, it can be an emotional and difficult process. To make the decision a little easier, facilities often promote the fact that they have the staff, resources and technology to help people feel better and get the care they require. These are essential factors in a family's decision.

However, too many facilities in and around Illinois fall short of providing the quality care they have promised to families. In reality, many are short-staffed or employ workers who are not trained properly. There are also places where claims of abuse or neglect are ignored. The victims of this substandard care can be left to suffer serious illnesses or injuries that put their life in danger. One 72-year-old woman fell victim to alleged negligence when staff workers at a nursing home ignored alarms signaling that she was in distress.

Trucker accused of tampering with log book after crash

Truck drivers in Illinois and elsewhere are required with a number of state and federal laws that specifically address trucking practices. One such obligation is to accurately track their hours in a log book. By doing so, the driver and the trucking company can monitor the amount of time that a driver is on the road. 

In the event that a truck driver gets fatigued and causes a crash, this log book can prove to be a critical piece of evidence. It may show that a trucker was in violation of the Hours of Service Regulations with which drivers must comply. These regulations are in place to prevent truckers from being on the road too long and getting drowsy or falling asleep behind the wheel.

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