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Illinois torts deal with injury compensation, not sweet treats

Tort reform is something that many in central Illinois may have probably heard of. The subject is not about finding new ways to bake a strawberry delicacy. It has to do with the legal remedies that may be available to individuals to receive essential compensation after suffering catastrophic injury.

Supporters of tort reform tend to be looking for ways to scale back the ability of victims to hold those who are responsible accountable for the damage and disability caused. Sometimes the reform effort might seek to block victims from seeking justice through the civil court system. In other instances, changes sought might involve putting limits on how much compensation can be sought.

Demands of memory care homes require special skill and attitude

Nursing homes in Illinois that provide services for those with cognitive impairment face special challenges. State and federal laws may require a certain patient to staff ratio in a care setting. Those on staff also must meet certain certifications of skill. However, as a wise old doctor once observed, "The person who graduates med school with straight A's doesn't necessarily make the best doctor."

The same can be said for those in the nursing home care arena. Just because a person is certified doesn't mean they are equipped for the challenges they might face in the labor force. Registered nurses are usually required staff. However, because they command high pay, there may be only one or two in administrative roles. Licensed Practical Nurses might provide improved care, but again, they are often supervisors.

Is it time for language refinement about vehicle accidents?

Language is kind of a funny thing. It's so important that each culture has its own rules of language use. At the same time, language is not a static thing. It's dynamic. It changes over time depending on the needs of the day. When's the last time you heard anyone in Illinois say floppy disk? If someone told you to don your britches, would you even know what they mean?

Words have meaning and because of that they have power. If the right word is used to express something, everyone shares a common understanding of the subject. If a wrong word is used, the waters of understanding can get muddy. Where that possibility exists, it would seem logical that a correction would be in order and that change would occur. But sometimes it takes conscious effort and a long time.

Is buying a new car with a defective air bag a safe bet?

Mention the name Takata to anyone in Illinois and you'll likely get one of two reactions. The first will be the quizzical look of someone who doesn't have a clue about what you're talking about. They must have been living in a bunker under the streets of Springfield. The other will probably be the shake of the head and a tsk tsk.

We have observed in at least one previous article that Takata air bags are now at the center of the largest safety recall in automotive history. It started in 2014 and just seems to be getting bigger and bigger with every passing month. The problem is that the bags in question have been known to deploy with an unintended explosive force that sends shards of metal into the passenger compartment of vehicles.

Workers being temps doesn't make them disposable

Most employers in Illinois have an obligation to make sure their workers are as safe on the job as they possibly can be. When they come up short in that regard, workers' compensation is the insurance protection that is intended to make sure that an injured worker gets necessary care.

That coverage isn't just for emergency care at the moment of the incident, but all the treatment and therapeutic help that may be required to assist the worker in making as full a recovery as possible.

There's nothing accidental about farm injury prevention

A lot of big city people really don't get it. As they tool around in rapid transit, Uber or Lyft rides, they fail to understand that agriculture and related industries are one of the biggest contributors to the nation's gross domestic product.

When we talk agriculture we mean more than just farming. Experts also count food manufacturing, forestry, fishing, and restaurants among the related industries. Within farming you have production of both crops and animals. Not surprisingly, processes can involve a lot of power tools, chemicals and heavy machines. Each poses risks of workplace injuries.

Is ending anonymous calls on nursing home complaints a good idea?

If there is a clear growth industry in Illinois and the rest of the country right now it is the one serving senior living. Demand for facilities catering to the potential living and healthcare needs of the senior population for the final 20, 30, or more, years of life is only going to increase as the elder demographic of the country rises.

Where such opportunity exists there is always an attraction for opportunists -- those who seek to make a quick buck without caring too much about the long term. Residents, who may become seen as little more than products, can encourage operators to allow negligence in care. What matters is maximizing profit.

Fog and speed play factor in truck accident

Two trucks were involved in a crash in Galesburg, Illinois recently, and the police will cite one of the drivers for being reckless and dangerous. The accident occurred on Interstate 74 during the night. It was foggy out, and according to a meteorologist, visibility was down to a quarter-mile. One of the trucks was driving "too fast for conditions" and the police are expected to cite the driver for that offense.

Amazingly, there are few other details available about the wreck in the source article. We don't know if either truck driver was injured, but it appears from the photos that the trucks crashed head on. The devastation of the scene is clear from those photos.

When you're in a car accident, take it one step at a time

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, any central Illinois resident would be rattled. Even if the wreck is minor in nature, the very fact that you were involved in a crash can be a scary and traumatizing moment. As a result, it is understandable for people to not know what to do in the moments that immediately follow a collision between two vehicles.

When you are involved in a crash, the two most important things you can do are stay at the scene of the crash and remain calm. Many people are upset and emotionally distraught after a crash, leading them to angrily lash out against other people who were involved in the accident. Others still try to flee the scene of an accident, which is a criminal offense. Don't do either of these things. Stay calm and stay at the scene.

Marijuana could prove 1 point of agreement in Springfield

The Illinois legislature, controlled by the Democrats, is still in a tug of war with the governor over the state's budget. But there is apparent agreement forming around another significant issue -- the easing of criminal penalties for possession and use of marijuana.

According to word out of Springfield, the Senate recently approved a measure that would make possession of smaller amounts of marijuana a fine-worthy, rather than a jail-worthy offense. The legislation would also ease the current zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of marijuana. The bill, which reportedly has the Republican governor on the fence, now goes to the House for action.

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