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Why do semi trucks jackknife?

Sharing the road with a commercial truck is usually uneventful. You might get frustrated because you need to move over or slow down around them or you may need to be especially mindful of the tractor trailer's blind spots and turning radius, but beyond that, you may not pay much attention to them.

However, if a semi truck jackknifes on the road next to or in front of you, it can be impossible to ignore. It may be helpful to understand why trucks jackknife in the first place so that you can spot potentially dangerous situations and react accordingly.

4 mistakes to avoid after getting injured on the job

Most workers in Illinois are covered by employer-provided workers' compensation insurance. This system allows people who get hurt or sick on the job to have their medical bills covered and receive partial wage replacement if their condition keeps them from working. In exchange for providing this insurance, employers are protected from being sued by workers.

This can seem like a fairly straightforward system. However, there are some common mistakes people can make when it comes to pursuing workers' compensation that could put these benefits at risk.

Before school starts, brush up on safe driving habits

In the coming weeks, students all across Illinois will be heading back to school. It might seem like the beginning of school only affects kids and their parents, but every person around the state should be aware that classes are about to be back in session because with that should come some changes to how everyone drives.

To begin with, drivers should always use caution when driving around a school. In many cases, there are clearly marked crosswalks for pedestrians in these areas and drivers should be very cautious and yield to people crossing the street. Drivers should also slow down and be extra focused on scanning the roadways for things like children, toys or other debris that may be in the road around schools.

Farmer killed after being rear-ended by tractor trailer

We often discuss the hazards of working in the farm industry on this blog, as it typically is physically demanding and the use powerful, heavy machinery is generally necessary. These factors can and do contribute to many different and tragic accidents across Illinois.

However, farm workers are also at risk of being injured even when their work takes them off the farm. In rural areas across the state, it is not uncommon to see tractors and other types of farm equipment on the road. While other motorists are expected to slow down and give slower-moving vehicles enough room, this doesn't always happen. One recent accident is a devastating reminder that vehicles of all kinds are at risk of getting hit when people don't drive safely.

You don't have to deal with defenses to truck accidents alone

Accidents involving tractor trailers can be among the most catastrophic on the road due to size of trucks, the potential for cargo spills and the often devastating injuries suffered by victims.

While the chaos of a crash will eventually pass and everything will get cleared up, the physical and emotional toll of these crashes can linger on long after an accident. This is why many people choose to seek compensation after a truck crash.

What do I do if I suspect a nursing home patient is being abused?

Families all across Illinois know a loved one who is being cared for in a nursing home. In fact, there are roughly 1.4 million residents in these facilities across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many of these patients receive the type of care that has been promised by individual facilities. However, there are many people who are mistreated or neglected by nursing home staff workers who are untrained, overworked, poorly supervised or not properly vetted during the hiring process. If you suspect that your loved one is in the latter group, you need to understand what you can and should do to protect that person.

What to know about defective farming equipment

People all across central Illinois work in the farming industry and people all across the world depend on the fruits of that labor. However, in addition to being crucial, farming can also be very dangerous.

Consider the equipment that is used on modern farms. There are huge combines, tractors, plows, planters and cultivators, not to mention the machines and tools like mowers, chain saws and trucks that many people use on a daily basis. With so much equipment on site, it is important to understand what your options may be if a machine is defective and causes a serious accident.

Just because something should happen doesn't mean it will happen

When it comes to legal issues, it can be easy for people to assume that their situation will be resolved in accordance to what they feel should happen. If someone is hurt on the job, for example, a worker probably feels like that their employer should have workers' compensation insurance that should be available to people who get sick or hurt at work. 

Unfortunately, even though something is expected to happen doesn't mean it will. And even when people feel like they know what the rules are doesn't mean that other people will always follow them. This is why legal matters can be so frustrating and why it can be so important to have the help of an attorney.

Risk of DUI crashes increase over 4th of July weekend

If you are like many Illinois residents, you have some fun plans to celebrate the Independence Day this weekend. You may be heading out to a cabin, spending the long weekend at a loved one's house outside of Illinois or just relaxing with your friends at a backyard barbecue right here at home.

Whatever your plans may be, however, it is crucial to remember that this time of year comes with some serious risks that can drastically change a person's life. One of the biggest risks that seem to go hand-in-hand with the 4th of July is drinking and driving.

Changes in behaviors can be a sign of elder abuse

This week, the world recognized World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in an effort to bring attention to the issue of physical, mental and financial abuse that too many seniors are victim to. As important as the global efforts to highlight the issue certainly are, stopping elder abuse is often stopped thanks to the efforts of one person who raises concerns.

As we noted in this article on our website, elder abuse is a very serious problem that often goes unreported. We note many reasons for this, from physician concerns about violating privacy and fears of retaliation by caregivers to the unfortunate reality of dementia and other mental disorders. However, it only takes one person to notice something off or troubling to shed light on an abusive situation.

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