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When we send a loved one to a nursing home, we expect that he or she will be treated with kindness, dignity and respect. We assume that nursing home staff will take special precautions to protect patients from unnecessary risk of injury or illness.

While many nursing homes diligently care for their patients, there are many others that fail to properly protect their patients. Common causes of nursing home injuries include understaffing, poor supervision, poor hiring decisions and lack of training.

Patients Injured While Wandering

One common cause of nursing home injuries is a failure to properly monitor patients. Since many elderly patients suffer from Alzheimer's disease or some form of dementia, it is critical that nursing homes have proper procedures in place to safeguard patients from risks associated with wandering. Nursing homes must also provide protection for patients that may be weakened by age or illness who are at higher risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Patients who wander outside a nursing home may be exposed to any number of potential dangers, including inclement weather, sudden falls or exposure to oncoming traffic. Patients who wander inside a nursing home may also be at risk of serious injury resulting from a fall to the floor, fall out of a window or other accident. Nursing homes should know each of their patients and have a particular program in place to ensure their safety.

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If you believe a family member has been the victim of nursing neglect or abuse, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health to report your suspected violation. By state law, we may not file a claim on your behalf until after you have made a report to the Department of Public Health. However, you may contact us to discuss your case at any time.

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