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Failure-To-Warn Accidents

When known dangers are present on government property, the government has a duty to warn the public about them. If there is a failure to warn, the government may be liable for damages that result.

Our Illinois government liability lawyers have experience holding municipal property owners and municipal agencies accountable for accidents, injuries and wrongful death. Kanoski Bresney is well known for our personal injury representation throughout Central Illinois. We will fight for the maximum compensation you are allowed. For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, please call (217) 523-7742, or contact us online.

Inadequate Warning Signage

Failure-to-warn accidents occur when the public is unaware of dangers they may encounter on public property. This can include issues such as:

  • Failure to adequately mark road construction zones
  • Missing or damaged traffic signs
  • Holes in the sidewalk
  • Warnings at public pools and beaches
  • Dangers at railroad crossings
  • Flood warnings
  • Open manholes
  • City construction projects

Lack of signage may result in accidents such as slip-and-falls, vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, drowning and work injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the city, county or state government’s failure to warn, we can seek compensation for you. We also represent the families of wrongful death victims.

We can represent civilians and government workers who have been injured by a failure to warn. Kanoski Bresney pursues workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

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