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Year: 2013

Elder abuse is a pervasive problem but is commonly under reported

December 31, 2013 Published in Articles

Elder abuse is an ever-increasing problem in nursing homes today. As the number of elderly Americans grows, the 2010 Census recorded 13 percent of the U.S. population to be over the age of 65, so does the possibility of abuse at the hands of a caregiver. The National Center on Elder Abuse found in 2009…

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Allegedly careless U-turn by truck driver results in an accident

December 26, 2013 Published in Firm News

No one appreciates just how big tractor-trailers are than those who drive them in Springfield. Drivers are familiar with the area needed to execute turns and maneuver in space. Yet when one is on the road with other vehicles on either side, such space is at a premium. It’s takes a skilled hand to safely…

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Chicago teen’s joy ride results in death of a 12-year-old friend

December 19, 2013 Published in Firm News

Most, if not all kids in Springfield look forward with great anticipation to that magical day when they earn their driver’s license. Being able to drive represents a degree of freedom that they long for, and it serves notice to the world that they’re ready to step into adulthood. Some so look forward to this…

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The connection between hospital profits and surgical complications

December 12, 2013 Published in Articles

For patients in Sangamon County, many don’t expect that a routine procedure could potentially have life-threatening consequences. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is third in line after heart disease and cancer as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Why hospitals aren’t likely to stop medical…

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Allegedly fatigued truck driver hits Illinois State Trooper

December 5, 2013 Published in Firm News,Truck Accidents

Those who drive semi-trailers through Sangamon County are only qualified to do so after having passed numerous tests regarding road safety and awareness. Yet even such extensive training doesn’t make them immune from some of the regular problems that drivers face behind the wheel, such as fatigue and drowsiness. The trouble is that when these…

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