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We have recovered over $400 million from big insurance. We do not judge you on the size of your loss and are happy to handle claims of all sizes.

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We work on contingency. That means, we only get paid when you do. No retainer, no upfront cost reimbursements.

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We were founded over 40 years ago with 8 locations throughout central Illinois.

CENTRAL ILLINOIS Personal Injury Attorneys

Kanoski Bresney is the largest personal injury law firm located within central Illinois. With 10 attorneys and more than three dozen staff members, we have the resources to handle any type of injury claim anywhere in the state. Whether a case involves a car accident or other personal injury, workers’ compensation or medical malpractice claim, our experience helps to ensure our clients get the respect, response, and results® they deserve.

Why Choose Us as Your Lawyer

  • We have been here for over 40 years helping our neighbors who were wrongfully harmed.
  • We have recovered over $400 million for our clients.
  • We are trial lawyers who are not intimidated by large corporations, their teams of defense lawyers, or courtrooms. We will not hesitate to take your claim to trial if it means getting the compensation you deserve.
  • We are client-oriented, committed to serving the best interests of the people we represent.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis – we do not charge any fees unless we win your case.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are harmed, compensation for damages should reflect the full scope of the impact upon your life, personally, emotionally, and financially. Insurance companies are in the business to collect money and historically will not let go of their money easily, instead they rely on their own bottom line when valuating your losses. With the assistance of the legal team at Kanoski Bresney, you can be confident that your case will be accurately valued, and the maximum compensation aggressively pursued.

When you are harmed, you will also likely need to contend with your own health, auto or disability insurer. Many of these organizations have sneaky clauses that allow them to unfairly take a large portion of your settlement/verdict if you do not have an attorney. Our team of litigators is experienced in negotiating settlements, and are highly-skilled, experienced trial lawyers who are confident when they are forced to take a case to court. After a serious injury, it is imperative that you are on an equal playing field with big insurance. It is imperative you are represented by an Illinois injury lawyer who will be dedicated to seeking justice and fair compensation.

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Our Story: Kanoski Bresney

Founded in 1978 as a small firm in Rushville, Illinois, Ronald J. Kanoski started his practice representing local farmers and others against insurance companies. Kanoski Bresney has since grown into being one of the most respected personal injury law firms with clients and cases throughout Illinois. From our early beginnings in a single office, we have grown into a large regional powerhouse with offices in Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Macomb, Pekin, Quincy and Rushville.

Our clients come from all walks of life, from urban and rural communities throughout Illinois. Our legal work is strictly focused on personal injury. We have attorneys who work exclusively in workers’ compensation, injury negotiations, and injury litigation, giving us an exceptional level of knowledge and experience that rivals not only our competitors but also big insurance defense lawyers.

Over $400 million recovered

Illinois Law and Personal Injury

Under Illinois state law, there are time limits on filing a personal injury case in civil court. The statute of limitations generally imposes a limit of two years in which you have the right to file.  But each case is different and deadlines can be shorter or longer.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent act of another party, the evidence supporting your case must be obtained and preserved. Ideally, our team at Kanoski Bresney will be involved as early as the insurance investigators.  A full and fair professional investigation must be initiated on your behalf, with evidence gathered before memories fade, or critical evidence is lost.

Respect, Response, and Results®

Our team of personal injury lawyers are considered to be among the finest litigators in Illinois. We understand you are suffering, whether due to serious injury or because you lost a loved one. We are respected within the legal community for our dedication, legal skills, and for the outstanding results we consistently achieve.  More importantly, we earn our client’s respect.  Representing over 20,000 clients and working for over four decades on injury cases has led to exceptional legal skills, experience, and a strong reputation. Every action we take reflects our commitment to protecting your interests.  Our Illinois attorneys are dedicated to helping you get the respect, response and results you are entitled.

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Notable Results

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product liability

Our client was permanently paralyzed when he broke his neck while attempting to clean a defectively manufactured chandelier.


motor vehicle accident

Our client, a single mother, was seriously injured when hit head on by a drunk driver.


medical malpractice

Our client’s unborn child was irreparably damaged due to delay in birth.

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Who is Liable?

Any person who unreasonably or recklessly causes another harm is at fault. Unlike other states, however, Illinois does not allow you to sue the at fault party’s insurance company. In Illinois, the insurance company hires the lawyer, spends the money and controls most all of the litigation process for their insured.

The first step is to identify the liable, or “at fault”, party(ies). The second step is to identify all possible insurance coverage for the unfair losses and harms suffered by you. In some cases, that may be multiple vehicles that have been insured. It could also involve your own coverage in cases where there is not enough insurance held by the at fault party. In some cases, the liable party in a car crash could be an auto parts manufacturer, auto manufacturer, tire manufacturer or other party if the crash was the result of a faulty product. Some cases are very complex when it comes to liability; for example, in a truck accident case, the liable parties could include the driver, the trucking firm, maintenance firm, logistics company or another, all of which will be named in lawsuit filed to recover damages. Premises cases, nursing home and medical malpractice cases all have complex issues of coverage, which can be lost if not identified in a timely manner.

Illinois is a comparative negligence state. That means if a jury believes you were more than 50% responsible, you do not recover and big insurance wins. This is a great boon for the insurance industry when there are no witnesses but only you and their insured involved. The insurance company may therefore try to prove that you were partially or fully responsible for the accident. In Illinois if you are forced to take on big insurance, you have the burden of proving your case is more probably true than theirs. The Illinois personal injury attorneys at Kanoski Bresney are skilled investigators and work to collect and preserve the proof that leads to the truth of what happened.

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I contacted Kanoski Bresney. I met with Todd and one of his associates. We talked for a better part of an hour. He took my case and from that moment on I was up to date on everything. He did more in two weeks than that other attorney did in three years.


We decided to contact Kanoski Bresney. Immediately Todd Bresney was on my case and doing everything he could to help me

Motorcycle Accident Injury Client

The First Person to Call When You are in an Accident. Justin suffered from fractured vertebrae, he states he didn't call the insurance first he called Kanoski Bresney.


100 Percent Committed And Available. Joe suffered serious injuries after an automobile accident. He comments on the personalized and frequent attention he received from Kanoski Bresney.


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