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Causes of Car Accidents in Springfield, IL

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Attorneys Helping Prove Fault in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Champaign County, McLean County, and Sangamon County

Most people drive on a daily basis to get to and from work, to run errands, to transport children or other family members, or for any other reasons they may need to travel from place to place. Due to the high number of vehicles on the roads, car accidents happen frequently, and these collisions can lead to serious injuries. If you have been involved in an accident, you will want to work with an attorney who can help you understand the reasons your collision took place, which will help establish fault and allow you to pursue financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

The attorneys of Kanoski Bresney have been working in the personal injury field for over 40 years, and we have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of cases involving big insurance companies, courtroom litigation, and other types of claims. With our experience in car accident cases, we know what to look for to show who was at fault for a collision. We are ready to represent your interests and help you get the payments you deserve that will allow you to make a full recovery from your injuries.

Common Car Accident Causes in Central Illinois

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for many reasons, and in most cases, one driver will be primarily at fault. Some of the most common causes of car accidents in Springfield, Bloomington, Decatur, and the surrounding areas include:

  • Distracted driving - Drivers are required to fully pay attention to the road and the vehicles around them. Anything that causes a driver to take their eyes away from the road, remove their hands from the steering wheel, or divert their attention from the act of driving can make it impossible for them to respond to the movements of other vehicles or act in time to avoid a collision.
  • Drunk driving - Drivers who are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs suffer impairments to their judgment, vision, reaction time, and coordination, and this can lead to dangerous collisions that cause serious injuries to other drivers, motorcyclists, or pedestrians.
  • Other forms of driver negligence - Drivers may take a variety of actions that put themselves and others in danger. Tailgating, speeding, making illegal lane changes, or other types of reckless or aggressive driving can lead to rear-end collisions or other dangerous accidents.
  • Dangerous highways, roads, and intersections - There are a variety of roads in central Illinois that present dangerous conditions to drivers, including vehicles traveling at high speeds on interstate freeways and large trucks on highways and local roads. Narrow, winding rural roads can be difficult to negotiate, and accidents may occur at open intersections if drivers do not pay attention to other vehicles.
  • Construction zones - Road construction is a common sight on the roads in Illinois, and if drivers do not take care to drive safely in these zones, they can cause accidents that injure other drivers or construction workers.
  • Farms and farm equipment - Cornfields and other farms can limit visibility for drivers, especially in the summer when crops are tall. Drivers may also need to share the road with tractors, harvesters, or other farm equipment, and accidents can occur when drivers attempt to navigate around these large, slow-moving vehicles.
  • Vehicle failure - A manufacturer may be responsible for accidents that occur due to defective parts on a car or truck. Drivers may also be held liable for accidents that occurred because they did not perform the proper maintenance on their vehicles or address motor vehicle recalls.
  • Poor weather conditions - Central Illinois can see some extreme weather conditions, including severe thunderstorms, snow and ice, strong winds, and even tornadoes. Drivers may be at fault for collisions that occurred because they did not respond correctly to weather conditions.

Contact Our Decatur Car Accident Lawyers

At Kanoski Bresney, we can provide the legal help you need after a car accident, no matter the reasons it occurred. We will help you gain a full understanding of how your injuries have affected you, and we will work to make sure you are properly compensated, whether that means filing an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. To set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help with your case, contact us at 888-U-COUNT-2 or 888-826-8682. We assist with accidents and injuries throughout Illinois, including Champaign, McDonough County, Springfield, Adams County, Decatur, Tazewell County, Champaign, Schuyler County, Bloomington, Peoria County, Quincy, McLean County, Peoria, Champaign County, Rushville, Macon County, Pekin, and Sangamon County.

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