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Victims of personal injuries often struggle both financially and personally. The costs of medical treatment can be high, and covering these and other expenses can be difficult if a person cannot work and earn an income while they are recovering. While victims may be able to pursue financial compensation that will help cover these expenses, doing so can become complicated in cases involving government organizations or employees. To make sure the right legal procedures are followed in these situations, it is important to work with an attorney who has an understanding of the laws that affect government liability.

At Kanoski Bresney, our lawyers have been representing injury victims for more than 40 years, and we have successfully pursued claims and lawsuits against individuals, large corporations, and government organizations. We have recovered over $400 million for victims in a wide variety of cases, and we fight to make sure our clients have the financial resources they need as they recover from serious injuries. We believe in providing respect, response, and results to injury victims at all times.

Legal Help With Injury Cases Involving Government Liability

There are many different situations where local, state, or federal government organizations may be held responsible for an injury. Some of these cases may include:

  • Employee negligence - As is true for other employers, a government organization may be held responsible for injuries that occur due to the actions of its employees. However, some restrictions may apply, and employees of local government organizations may have immunity against liability unless it can be demonstrated that they committed "willful and wanton" conduct.
  • Facility injuries - Visitors to government buildings or people who use public property may suffer multiple different types of injuries. These may include slip-and-fall injuries due to improper maintenance, drownings at public swimming pools due to inadequate supervision by lifeguards, or injuries at a public parking garage due to negligent security.
  • Government vehicles - Multiple different types of car accidents and injuries can occur due to the negligence of employees who drive government-owned vehicles. Passengers, pedestrians, or people in other vehicles may be involved in bus accidents caused by the negligence of a bus driver employed by a school district or local transit authority. Construction zone accidents can be caused by the negligence of drivers who operate construction equipment or other road work vehicles.
  • School liability - Students may be injured at a public school or on a college campus due to the negligence or intentional actions of teachers, coaches, administrative staff, or other school personnel. These injuries may result from physical or sexual abuse, failure to address and prevent bullying, hazards on school property, or failure to follow the correct procedures or use protective equipment when requiring students to participate in sports or other risky activities.

Contact Our Peoria Government Organization Liability Lawyers

If you have been injured at a government building or on public property, or if your family has suffered harm because of the actions or negligence of a government employee, Kanoski Bresney can help you determine how to address government liability issues and take steps to receive financial compensation for your damages. We will make sure you meet all legal requirements and file the proper claims within the applicable time limits, and we will fight to help you receive payments that will allow you to meet your family's needs. Contact us by calling 888-U-COUNT-2 or 888-826-8682 and schedule your free consultation today. We assist with government liability in personal injury cases in Champaign, Springfield, Rushville, Peoria County, Adams County, Macon County, Schuyler County, Bloomington, McDonough County, Champaign County, Tazewell County, Macomb, Decatur, Peoria, McLean County, Sangamon County, Pekin, Quincy, and throughout all of Illinois.

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