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Helping Injured Workers Recover

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen in any industry or occupation. Some workers are at greater risk for traumatic accidents including construction workers, laborers, industrial and warehouse workers, drivers, nursing home and elder care workers and farm workers.

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Workplace Accidents And Injuries

There are countless dangers in the workplace. Some of the most common causes of injury and wrongful death include slip-and-fall accidents; vehicle accidents, falling objects; fire; explosion; contact with electrical or gas lines; defective machinery or tool accidents; heavy equipment collapse; falls from ladders, scaffolds or elevated heights; warehouse accidents; structural collapse; defective safety equipment; inadequate safety procedures and lack of training.

Regardless of the cause of your work accident, you should be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. If a negligent third party was responsible for the accident, we can consider bringing a separate personal injury suit against that party.

Traumatic accidents tend to cause serious injuries such as:

Our attorneys will seek the workers' comp benefits you deserve and, when applicable, third-party damages.

Springfield Workplace Injury Lawyers

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