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Vocational Benefits For Injured Workers

The Illinois workers' compensation system was set up to protect injured workers. A system of wage benefits and medical benefits has been created to help workers who suffer a work-related injury.

In some cases, injured workers are unable to return to their trade or occupation after an injury. A construction worker who suffers a severe back injury, for example, may not be able to return to work in the field of construction. When injured workers are unable to perform work tasks associated with a previous job or profession, they may qualify for vocational rehabilitation benefits.

Central Illinois Workers' Compensation Attorneys

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Our attorneys have helped many injured workers obtain vocational rehabilitation benefits. We encourage you to contact one of our eight central Illinois office locations today to speak with a workers' compensation attorney at our firm.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?

If you are unable to return to work due to a work-related injury, your employer must pay for reasonable vocational rehabilitation costs. With vocational rehabilitation benefits, you can pursue a new career.

Vocational rehabilitation may include, but is not limited to, counseling for job searches, supervising a job search program, and vocational retraining including education at an accredited learning institution. Workers' Compensation Act, Section 8A.

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