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A year later, charges filed in connection to major car accident

September 6, 2013 Published in Firm News

Each year, millions of people are effected by serious and catastrophic accidents. And even in instances where lives are spared, Illinois auto accident victims and their families can have an incredibly difficult time recovering from physical and emotional injuries. Even though their current medical condition is not stated, two sisters may be relieved to learn that the man accused of causing their near-fatal collision is facing criminal charges.

The two young women were on their way home one night in August, 2012, when they were struck by a vehicle that veered into oncoming traffic. The impact of the head-on collision caused the sisters to be trapped inside the car. They both sustained severe injuries, including traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding and broken bones. The younger of the two sisters is 15 years old, and her 20-year-old sister was on break from college when the incident occurred.

The man who is identified as the defendant in the case was also injured. He is accused of carrying a methadone card and driving illegally because his license was terminated, according to official complaints. Furthermore, the defendant is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and methadone.

For his role in the major car accident, the defendant was recently charged with misdemeanor DWI, in addition to six criminal vehicular operation felony charges. He is already detained in relation to a separate offense. It is not known how the sisters and their family are doing, or if they face any prolonged difficulties as a result of their extensive injuries.

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