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Category: Articles

Beat the heat: How to stay safe when you work outdoors

July 22, 2015 Published in Articles

Working in hot weather can be riskier than you realize For most people in Illinois, summer is a time to look forward to. But, for farm workers, construction workers and anyone else whose job requires them to work outside, the hot and humid weather can actually pose a huge risk. Without proper safety precautions, heat…

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Car accidents can result in serious head injuries

April 10, 2015 Published in Articles

On behalf of Ronald Kanoski Traumatic brain injuries, a serious form of head injury, can often result from car accidents. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the nation. In the United States, 2.3 million people were injured in car accidents during 2013 alone. Of the 285,477 car accidents that occurred…

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Secrecy protects doctors with long histories of problems

February 26, 2015 Published in Articles

BY ALAN BAVLEY The Kansas City Star Posted on Sat, Dec. 17, 2011 07:07 PM Buried deep in a federal database is Practitioner No. 222117, perhaps the most frequently disciplined doctor in America. This doctor has been accused of violating drug laws, prescribing unauthorized medications, providing substandard care and obtaining licenses through fraud. From 2002…

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Livestock can present a hazard to farm workers and others

August 22, 2014 Published in Articles

Farm animals can be useful, beautiful and even fun, but they can also be predictable and cause serious injuries and fatalities. When the topic of farming hazards comes up, people may think about the dangers of certain farm equipment, such as tractors and other types of heavy machinery, but they may not realize that many…

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Workers’ compensation for injuries incurred while commuting to work

May 9, 2014 Published in Articles

The commuting rule and its exceptions Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees experiencing work-related injuries, which benefits are paid without regard to fault. In other words, this system, which is administratively managed, takes the place of the court system, where one is required to file a civil lawsuit and prove that the other party intentionally…

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