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Getting from point A to point B not always easy for truckers

May 11, 2015 Published in Firm News,Truck Accidents

Regular motorists across Illinois rarely get in their vehicle without a GPS device or their cellphone handy. This is because when we need to get somewhere unfamiliar, we typically need the help of a map app and real-time directions. Over the years, these devices and products have greatly improved a driver’s experience in getting from one place to another by identifying the shortest route, making notes of heavy traffic levels and even setting up alerts for police and crashes on the side of the road.

However, these apps may not be that useful for truckers who are required to comply with strict road restrictions that aren’t often noted in the apps that other drivers use every day. A trucker needs to have access to information about bridge heights and weight restrictions, and this information isn’t always as accessible as most people would like.

A couple years ago, the Illinois Department of Transportation formalized efforts to make this type of information available to truckers on a more regular and reliable basis. We wrote an article about this law, which can be read by clicking here, and noted that a bill had been passed requiring local governments in this state to submit truck route information to IDOT. This information could then be referred to by truckers who are driving in or through this state.

Unfortunately, these same efforts may be lacking in other states across the U.S. Route information may be outdated or unavailable, leaving truckers to find out information about a route on their own, which isn’t always successful.

In recent years, mobile apps have been launched to try and address this problem. One such app, which Truckinginfo.com refers to as a top app for the trucking industry, is a navigation app that includes reliable information on truck-specific routes. It evidently develops routes that take into account height and weight restrictions, which can be essential for truckers.

Unfortunately, not every trucker will download these types of apps or go through the effort to try and get real-time information on potential route restrictions when planning a trip. Sadly, this can lead to serious truck accidents. When a truck crashes into a bridge or tunnel, causes a road to crumble under too much weight or gets stuck in a narrow roadway, it is typically other motorists who must contend with the aftermath.