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10 Signs of a Dangerous Child Care Facility

November 25, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

10 Signs of a Dangerous Child Care Facility

Whether you are putting your child in a daycare for the first time of switching daycare centers, you need to be sure the facility and staff are safe. Most parents are nervous about putting their kids in daycare. After all, this means relying on someone else to care for their child. While there are plenty of great daycares, there are also many that are dangerous.

When you are looking for a daycare, be sure to tour multiple locations and watch out for these 10 signs that the daycare is bad for your child. If you suspect your child or the child of a loved one has suffered a child injury in Springfield due to lack of supervision at a daycare or negligence, contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

1.    Staffing is inadequate

There must be enough caregivers for the children in a daycare. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends one member of staff for every three to five smaller children, and one member of staff for every seven to ten older children. Similarly, you should be wary of frequent staff changes. When there is high turnover, it could be a sign that the workers are unhappy with the program.

2.    Too many children

If it looks like there are too many kids, then there probably are. Illinois has varying requirement for how many kids can be at one daycare, depending on the age group of the children.

3.    Office supplies are within a child’s reach

Smaller objects like paperclips, push pins, staplers, and more should not be left where children can reach them. These objects can cut or puncture children, and they can become choking hazards.

4.    Cleaning supplies are within a child’s reach

One of the leading causes of hospitalization and death in younger children is poisoning due to cleaning supplies. All cleaner should be kept out of the reach of children.

5.    Unsafe conditions in a facility or outdoor area

If you notice anything unsafe inside a daycare facility or outside in play areas, let that be your alarm bell that something is not right. This includes broken cabinets or playground equipment.

6.    Caregivers seem indifferent

If it seems like caregivers are not paying attention to the children around them, they probably aren’t. Children need close supervision, but daycare staff may decide to be on their phones or even nap.

7.    Your child comes home with bruises, scratches, or other marks

While all kids get banged up every now and then, you should be wary of constant bruises, scratches, and other physical marks. This could be a sign of neglect or abuse at the daycare center.

8.    Your child is consistently hungry or thirsty

If your child leaves daycare hungry or thirsty on a daily basis, this could be a sign that the caregivers are not providing your child with their basic needs. Look out for any weight loss or signs of dehydration.

9.    Your child’s behavior changes

If your child exhibits any mood swings or becomes withdrawn, this could be a sign of physical or emotional abuse by the caregivers at the daycare.

10. Staff does not communicate with you

If you call or email the staff of the daycare, for whatever reason, and they do not reply back, or it takes a while for them to respond, this is a bad sign. Daycare staff members should always have open communication with parents and guardians. If you have trouble scheduling a visit, it may be time to change daycares.

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