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2 key safety considerations when seeking employment

August 31, 2018 Published in Firm News

When it comes to employment in the Springfield area, many people choose their careers based on the amount of income they will earn and the benefits they will receive. Very few think about workplace safety until there is an accident or they need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

You should never overlook workplace safety. Even industries where there does not seem to be immediate danger from machinery and other extreme hazards, accidents can still happen that leave you so severely injured that you have to take time off from work, get medical treatment and focus on your recovery. Regardless of how safe you believe your work environment to be, take some time to consider the following pointers on workplace safety and workers’ compensation.

Not all injuries and accidents qualify for workers’ compensation

Many people believe their employer covers all types of accidents and injuries employees sustain while at work or on company time. The rules governing the workers’ compensation system are very clear in what kind of actions can void a claim. Also, most employers have policies in place to prevent accidents. When incidents occur that violate workplace policy, your employer has the right to contest your claim.

Employees can appeal rejected/disputed claims

Just because an employer disputes a benefits claim does not mean a claimant automatically loses the right to compensation. Instead, claimants have the opportunity to appeal any decision they believe is wrong. Appeals with little to no supporting documentation and evidence often end up denied. Whether you are getting ready to file your first Illinois workers’ compensation claim or appeal one, it is vital for you to be thorough. Haste leads to mistakes, and errors often mean delays and denials.

Keep in mind that accidents can happen in any industry. Careers where there are fewer job hazards have fewer hurt workers. No matter your place of employment or job duties, frequently review workplace policies on accidents and injuries to avoid problems with your claim.