Illinois Union Workers Lawyers

Representing Injured Union Construction Workers And Laborers

Union workers who suffer an on-the-job injury are entitled to workers' compensation benefits and, when applicable, additional third-party compensation. Injured union workers do not always report their work injuries, however, because they fear they will lose their jobs or union benefits.

If you were injured while working in a union job, our experienced attorneys can ensure you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled. Kanoski Bresney understands the laws governing workers' compensation and union membership. We will work to obtain benefits while protecting your union status. For a free consultation with our Illinois union workers attorneys, please call 217-280-4985 or 866-438-2419, or contact us online.

We Protect Your Union Rights

Our law firm represents workers from many Illinois unions, including:

  • BLET Division 602
  • IBEW Local 146
  • IBEW Local 601
  • IBEW Local 649
  • Teamsters Local 26

If you need assistance with workers' compensation benefits and third-party negligence claims, we can help you pursue compensation. In addition, we can review collective bargaining agreements to determine appropriate compensation for lost wages as well as lost medical benefits.

As in all injured worker cases, we can protect your rights regarding light or restricted duty. If you were forced to return to work too early for a job you can no longer physically perform, our lawyers can help you gather the appropriate medical evidence to support your claim for additional benefits.

Springfield Work Injury Attorneys

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