Springfield Bicycle And Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. Bicyclists and pedestrians absorb the impact of a collision directly, without the benefit of the protective shield of an automobile. We have helped countless clients seek maximum compensation for serious injuries received in a pedestrian or bicycle-related impact.

For more than 35 years, the attorneys at Kanoski Bresney have protected hundreds of accident victims. We work hard to prove fault and help clients obtain as much compensation as possible to cover lost wages, hospital bills, future rehabilitative needs, and other costs.

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Our personal injury attorneys have obtained more than $350 million for accident victims. We focus not only on high-dollar-value cases, but handle cases of all sizes and types. We also help families who tragically lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents.

Protecting Bicyclists And Pedestrian Accident Victims

We are the largest personal injury law firm in central Illinois. We have ample resources and years of experience proving fault in complex personal injury cases. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are particularly complicated because liability may be unclear – a driver may be totally at fault, or factors like unmarked crosswalks or defective bike path design could also contribute. We overcome these challenges by working with medical experts and accident scene reconstructionists to determine the cause of serious accidents. We also carefully review police reports and witness statements to learn more about the accident scene.

Our hands-on approach helps us understand the full amount of compensation needed for current medical needs, lost wages, property damage and future rehabilitative care. We provide compassionate support to families who tragically lost loved ones in fatal accidents. We are also committed to vigorously seeking compensation for punitive damages whenever appropriate.

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