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Mild and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have substantial impacts on the life of the injured individual and their family. Victims of brain injury incur large medical bills and often require extensive physical rehabilitation to maximize their recovery. At Kanoski Bresney, we have decades of experience helping families recover compensation for brain injuries. We have offices in Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Macomb, Pekin, Quincy, Rushville, and Springfield to serve clients throughout the region.

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When most people think of brain injuries they think of traumatic brain injuries that leave people in vegetative states. However, many mild brain injuries are less visible but still devastating. The personality changes, emotional changes, and memory loss associated with head injuries can significantly impact a person's ability to hold a job or perform daily activities.

What about other costs?

Kanoski Bresney will advance all necessary costs associated with your case including legal document filing fees, fees for expert witnesses, fees to obtain medical records, postage, copy charges or deposition fees. These costs are deducted from your damage recovery.

We have handled mild and traumatic brain injuries resulting from a variety of causes:

How Brain Injuries Deprive People of a Sense of Free Will

Our attorneys are dedicated to working with individuals and families to demonstrate the causes and effects of brain injuries. We regularly work with neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, life care planners, vocational rehabilitationist, and economists to demonstrate the physical, financial, and emotional impacts of brain injuries. Our primary objective in these cases is to ensure that our clients get the respect, response, and results® they deserve.

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