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All Brain Injuries Can Seriously Disrupt Your Life

Closed-head injuries are a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that does not involve an object penetrating the skull and brain. Instead, a physical blow to the head, or a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly back and forth, can bounce the brain off the inside of the skull, resulting in a brain injury. Concussions are closed-head injuries that are classified as mild TBI.

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Concussions And Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any trauma that disrupts the normal function of the brain can cause TBI. Falls are the leading cause of TBI and concussions. Vehicle accidents are the second most common cause. Even minor rear-end collisions and whiplash can cause the brain to strike the sides of the skull and suffer mild TBI or concussion.

Depending on the severity of neurological disruption or damage caused to the brain, a TBI may be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Because loss of consciousness does not occur with every brain injury, TBI is often difficult to diagnose because the other symptoms may not be apparent until weeks or months after the initial trauma.

Individuals who have suffered closed-head injuries may experience some of the following symptoms: persistent headaches, dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, irritability or loss of consciousness. Personality and mood changes are also common symptoms.

Long-term medical care is often necessary for TBI patients. This may include rehabilitative therapy and specialized treatment from speech pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, and neurologists. We will seek full and fair compensation to cover these costs as well as lost income and other expenses.

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