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Severe personal injuries can have devastating effects on individuals and families. When negligence has caused severe injury to you or a loved one, the impacts involved could last for the rest of your life. You should not have to suffer those consequences alone. The experience and knowledge of the central Illinois law firm of Kanoski Bresney can work on your behalf to recover the losses and damages you have incurred.

In Quincy, attorney John J. Waldman helps our clients find the medical, financial and emotional recovery they deserve to move forward with their lives. We have more than 35 years of experience helping people from Quincy to Springfield to Champaign cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering costs due to catastrophic personal injuries.

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Closed-head injuries, fractures, back injuries, brain injuries, wrongful death and other catastrophic injuries caused by a serious accident can entail life-altering consequences for individuals and families. Mr. Apfelbaum can work diligently for your maximum compensation to cover the financial and emotional burdens you may suffer, including, medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

How much is my case worth?

Every personal injury case is unique, but when fault (liability) in your case is clear, Mr. Waldman can base the approximate value of your case on the hundreds of other personal injury claims he has handled during more than 20 years of legal experience in central Illinois.

We always prepare our clients' cases to account for short- and long-term needs in life. We investigate accidents and other negligent acts comprehensively, and our representation and due diligence includes consultation with medical experts and accident reconstructionists when necessary. Our clients contend with a range of catastrophic injuries resulting from several types of accidents, including:

The maximum compensation you deserve should cover a lifetime of medical care and other injury-related damages. We will be prepared from the outset to bring your case to trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached with the responsible party. We hold negligent and wrongful acting parties accountable on your behalf. Our overall goal is to help you get the respect, response and results ® you deserve.

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