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David web | Kanoski Bresney David Web | Kanoski Bresney
"I contacted Kanoski Bresney. I met with Todd and one of his associates. We talked for a better part of an hour. He took my case and from that moment on I was up to date on everything. He did more in two weeks than that other attorney did in three years."

Motorcycle Accident Injury | Kanoski Bresney Motorcycle Accident Injury | Kanoski Bresney
"We decided to contact Kanoski Bresney. Immediately Todd Bresney was on my case and doing everything he could to help me"

Car Accident Injury | Kanoski Bresney Car Accident Injury | Kanoski Bresney
"There was never a phone call that I made that wasn't answered."

Video Thumbnail Paralyzed from a Work Related Injury
"I definitely needed someone on my side, Kanoski Bresney made sure that I was taken care of for the rest of my life."

Video Thumbnail 100% Confidence
Motorcycle Accident Broken Back Injury: "I knew that with Kanoski Bresney we wouldn't have a problem. Everything fell into place."

Video Thumbnail Motorcycle Accident Injury
"I am very happy with the results."

Video Thumbnail Car Accident Injury
"There is no way I could have done this on my own. I would recommend Kanoski Bresney to anyone."

Video Thumbnail 100% Committed and Available
Joe suffered serious injuries after an automobile accident. He comments on the personalized and frequent attention he received from Kanoski Bresney.

Video Thumbnail The First Person to Call When You are in an Accident
Justin suffered from fractured vertebrae, he states he didn't call the insurance first he called Kanoski Bresney.

Video Thumbnail They Fought Really Hard for my Rights
Injured on the job, Ruth worried she wouldn't work again.

Video Thumbnail The Very Best Treatment
Auto Accident client mentions the down to earth personalities at Kanoski Bresney and states that they were so comforting to work with.

Video Thumbnail Injured on the job, Company Sent Keven Home to Rest and Refused to Pay
"Kanoski Bresney took the company to court and they settled the case for me."

Video Thumbnail Auto Injury Halts a Dancer's Ability to Dance.
"Kanoski Bresney made my life so much easier in a time that was so unsure."

Video Thumbnail Missed Work to Receive Therapy for her Injury Without Compensation
"Kanoski Bresney encouraged me to take care of myself first and helped me to survive while receiving the care I needed."

Video Thumbnail Auto Accident Victim
"Kanoski Bresney stepped in and took care of it."

Video Thumbnail Peace of Mind
Insurance companies go above and beyond not to pay. Kanoski Bresney gets the job done, I would use them again and again and again.