Representative Cases

At Kanoski Bresney, our attorneys fight hard. This is evidenced by the many successful cases our attorneys have argued on behalf of our clients. In addition to multi-million dollar settlements and judgments, Kanoski Bresney represents victims all along the spectrum. Here is a sampling of some of the cases we've successfully handed over the years.

Representative Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

  • On a bright, clear day in December 2001, our client's husband was riding his bike and hit from behind while attempting to turn. He suffered severe frontal and temporal brain damage and was relegated to a nursing home. The insurance company denied the claim because there were four witnesses who adamantly said our client was at fault for turning in front of a car without looking back. After three other attorneys passed on the case, we investigated and found out the defending insurance company conspired with the witnesses and hid records. Many of the witnesses later recanted and qualified their testimony under cross examination. Our attorney thereafter successfully convinced the defending insurer that their driver also bore a compensable degree of fault.
  • Our elderly client suffered a chronic shoulder injury when she was side-swiped by a careless driver. The insurance company denied the case and claimed this elderly woman could not have been hurt because of a "low impact with little or no property damage." Kanoski Bresney was not swayed by this argument and forced the insurance company to settle one day before trial.
  • Our client, a young, active man, suffered a fracture of his left hip in a collision with another driver. The condition rapidly advanced to aseptic necrosis, a condition that results from poor blood supply to an area of bone leading to bone death. This serious condition left our client without proper function of his hip and legs, facing a lifetime of low back and hip pain, as well as the need for future surgeries to replace the prosthesis. His condition prevented him from activities that involved prolonged weight bearing such as standing and walking, thus putting his ability to hold a job in jeopardy. The settlement our attorney got the client included funds to cover expected future hip surgeries, lost wages and other expenses.

Representative Workers' Compensation Cases

  • In one notable workers' compensation case, our client, a nurse, injured her back while assisting a combative patient and underwent surgery to correct the lower back injuries she sustained. After the surgery, she received physical therapy. During the course of her treatment she had to travel many miles to and from the medical visits. In addition to her settlement, our client was reimbursed for all her travel expenses related to the medical treatment.
  • Our client injured her ankle in a fall on her employer's property. Our client was denied her workers' compensation rights because the employer did not agree that she was exposed to any greater risk of injury than the general public. Our attorney successfully argued that the fall and subsequent injury were compensable because it happened on her employer's property due to a defect and she was performing an act for the benefit of the employer at the time of the fall.

Representative Slip-And-Fall Case

  • In 2001, our client, a pastor's daughter, innocently fell off an unstable, rotten and unmarked wheelchair ramp outside a church. It was after dark and there were no lights outside to illuminate the walkway. Our client suffered a shoulder injury. The insurance company admitted the injury and case was legitimate but only offered $5,000.00 because they believed a jury would dislike our client if she sued a church. Our attorney filed suit in Circuit Court and after securing the ramp and evidence that supported the claim, forced the insurer into paying proper restitution.