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Allegedly careless U-turn by truck driver results in an accident

December 26, 2013 Published in Firm News

No one appreciates just how big tractor-trailers are than those who drive them in Springfield. Drivers are familiar with the area needed to execute turns and maneuver in space. Yet when one is on the road with other vehicles on either side, such space is at a premium. It’s takes a skilled hand to safely direct these massive vehicles in a way that poses no threat to the trucks and trailers themselves, the cargo that they are holding, and the other vehicles in the immediate vicinity. Those times when that skill is lacking or space is limited to maneuver can be dangerous to both the drivers of the trucks and of those vehicles traveling nearby.

A driver trying to initiate such a maneuver with a tractor-trailer was recently involved in a serious accident in Pennsylvania. The tractor-trailer driver had allegedly entered his truck into a residential yard while trying to make a U-turn, leaving part of the trailer in the southbound lane of the road. As the trailer was sticking out into the road, a car coming in the southbound lane struck it’s back end and became wedged under its wheels. Witnesses reported that the car then caught fire and was extinguished by nearby residents. The driver of the car was airlifted to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries.

While the crash is still under investigation, early testimonies from eyewitnesses appear to place the blame for the truck accident on the truck driver for trying to execute a U-turn is such confined space. In this case, as well as other truck accidents that occurred under similar circumstances, if that fault is confirmed, the victims may choose to push for compensation from the driver and/or his or her trucking company for their injuries. An attorney may be a helpful partner to work with in earning that compensation.

Source: Previous article from Lebanon Daily News “Car, tractor-trailer crash in Bethel Township; man injured” Les Stewart, Dec. 19, 2013