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Case Results


Medical Malpractice
Springfield Medical Malpractice

Our client suffered a severe infection that went unnoticed and untreated until it caused severe brain damage. None of the corporate medical facilities agreed to take responsibility until many years of litigation and trial was scheduled.


Defective Product
Decatur Products Liability

Our client, a laborer, and father, was permanently paralyzed when he broke his neck while attempting to clean a defectively manufactured chandelier. Multiple defendants agreed to settle after hundreds of thousands were spent in litigation and the matter was scheduled for trial.


DUI Accident
Quincy Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client, a single mother, was seriously injured when hit head-on by a drunk driver. This verdict represents the egregiousness done to an innocent driver when others do not use good common sense while drinking.


Birth Injury
Rushville Medical Malpractice

Our client’s unborn child was irreparably brain damaged due to an avoidable delay in her birth. This case took years to litigate and tens of thousands in expert testimony before the insurer and physicians conceded it should be settled.


Semi-Truck Collision
Las Vegas Trucking Case

Our client's decedent suffered serious burns as a passenger and later died as a result of a two semi-collision on the highway. Although a passenger with no fault, the insurer refused to offer policy limits until after the case was filed and litigated.


Medical Error
Decatur Medical Malpractice

Our 32-year-old client broke his neck in a motor vehicle collision and was removed from his backboard and neck brace prematurely resulting in causing him to suffer from incomplete quadriplegia. Like many cases alleging medical error, this case took years and tens of thousands of dollars before the insurer agreed to settle.


Semi/Van Collision
Taylorville Trucking Case

Our client was catastrophically injured when she was a passenger in a work van that struck a semi in an open intersection. This case involved many victims, denials of fault and lack of full insurance for the harms caused.


DUI Accident
Pittsfield Automobile Wreck

Our client was permanently injured by a drunk driver. The insurance company only offered its limits after we took the deposition of its insured and he admitted to knowingly drinking and driving.


Bad Hernia Mesh Repair
Hillsboro Medical Malpractice

Our client was rendered permanently damaged when physicians used excessive staples and mesh to treat an internal hernia, which caused serious and extensive nerve damage. Litigation was required and the case was filed and fought.


DUI Accident
Bloomington Motor Vehicle Collision

Our 33-year old single father was a back seat passenger when the driver, while legally intoxicated, fell asleep and went off the road causing catastrophic injuries. The client’s own insurer still required multiple depositions prior to conceding coverage and tendering full coverage limits.


Semi-Truck Accident
Dunkel Trucking Collision

Our client suffered broken bones in her legs and underwent surgery after a semi failed to yield the right of way to her vehicle. The trucking company and its insurer initially denied fault.


Tenant v. Owner
Champaign Premises Liability

Our client suffered a permanent leg injury when defendant ignored repeated requests to fix its entryway. The case settled after emails were unearthed from a tenant showing frequent complaints to the building owners.


Car v. Motorcycle Accident
Bloomington Motorcycle Accident

Our client suffered serious and permanent injuries when another vehicle did not yield the right of way to him. Despite eyewitnesses to the contrary, the insurer forged ahead to trial with a poor expert who attempted to support a weak defense.


Defective Appliance
Springfield Product Liability

Our client's infant was seriously burned due to a defective appliance. The product claim was settled early on, but the remaining defendant’s insurer did not want to concede violation of a safety law applied to their insurer. After depositions were taken and the case was filed, the insurance company agreed to settle.


Semi v. Motorcycle Crash
Decatur Motorcycle Collision

Our client was hobbled by an untrained semi driver. The insurance company for the at-fault driver refused to negotiate and instead invested thousands in multiple experts before conceding defeat at the courthouse doorstep before trial.


Highway Accident
Petersburg Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client's decedent tragically died when a business truck failed to yield the right of way on a highway with hopes to beat the client's oncoming vehicle.


Car v. Motorcycle Accident
Franklin Motorcycle Accident

Our client suffered permanent and serious injuries when another vehicle struck her motorcycle while failing to yield the right of way.


Defective Airbag
Bloomington Products Liability

Our client was seriously injured when an airbag deployed in a defective manner. A nationwide recall convinced the insurer to settle this case.


Burns With Scarring
Springfield Residential Fire

Our client sustained severe burn injuries in a residential house fire resulting in excessive permanent scarring. Our investigation showed multiple fire code violations that were not in the initial report by fire investigators and convinced the insurer to settle without the need for a lawsuit.


Snow Plow Head-On Collision
Macomb Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client suffered permanent leg damage after being hit head-on by a snow plow.


Head-On Car Accident
Springfield Automobile Collision

Our client suffered a broken pelvis and other serious injuries after another driver hit him head-on after crossing over. This claim involved the client’s own insurer, who initially offered less than three times the final amount to settle.


Car v. Motorcycle Crash
Decatur Motorcycle Collision

A young couple both suffered from broken backs when a vehicle failed to yield the right of way and drove in front of the path of their motorcycle while they were driving highway speeds. The insurance company only agreed to settle after the lawsuit was filed and the case was litigated.


Wrong Way Car Accident
Jacksonville Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client suffered a broken leg and a closed head injury when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by an oncoming car in the wrong lane. The settlement amount was much more than the insurer was initially willing to pay the client.


Distracted Truck Driver Crash
Lincoln Trucking Case

Our client was harmed with a shattered hip and early birth of her child when she was hit by a distracted trucker. Despite evidence the trucker lied to the responding Sheriff, the insurance company required a lawsuit and years of evidence collection before finally conceding fault and settling the case.


Single Vehicle Accident
Macomb One Car Crash

Our clients were permanently injured when another played a reckless game. The insurer forced friends to sue friends before agreeing to settle in a claim that was obvious from the initial police report.


Aggravation of Prior Conditions
Sciota Township Vehicle Accident

Our client suffered herniations in her neck that aggravated prior conditions. Despite having the right of way, the defendant’s insurer would not settle until after its driver was deposed and admitted she ran the stop sign.


Farm Equipment Malfunction
Springfield Farm Accident

Our client was severely injured when an improperly maintained tractor at the farm malfunctioned, causing him permanent injuries. The defendant always admitted fault, but his insurance company refused to pay until a trial was scheduled years later.


ATV Accident
Petersburg 4-Wheeler Collision

Our client suffered a tibia and fibula fracture of his lower leg when riding as a passenger on an ATV that was broadsided by a jeep. The defendant’s insurer refused to accept blame although its driver left skid marks on the wrong side of the road. *Record verdict in Menard County