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Category: Articles

New Illinois Law Will Require Municipalities to Report Truck Routes

October 12, 2011 Published in Articles

This August, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that will help truckers make informed decisions about the safest, most efficient route through Illinois’ municipalities. Potential benefits of the new law may include reductions in Illinois truck accidents and less road maintenance and repair costs. Authored by Representative Michael Zalewski, D-Summit, and Senator…

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Illinois Cracks Down on Drunk Driving Accidents

October 10, 2011 Published in Articles

In August, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that will give law enforcement more power to confirm a driver’s state of intoxication and make arrests in the field. New legislation will also increase the penalties for driving a school bus under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence is a serious…

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Farm Accidents Highlight Need for Proposed Changes to Child Labor Law

October 5, 2011 Published in Articles

Two recent farm accidents involving teen farm workers reveal the urgent need for child labor law reform in the agricultural industry. The Department of Labor undertook revising its laws last year, but only opened discussion on the proposed changes on September 2nd of this year. Some child rights advocates believe that the White House dragged…

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‘Hot Coffee’ Spills Out the Case Against Tort Reform

October 4, 2011 Published in Articles

Everyone has heard the story: A woman pulls up to a McDonald’s drive thru for some coffee. While holding the coffee cup and trying to drive at the same time, she spills coffee on her lap and burns herself. She sues McDonald’s, becomes a millionaire, and all her troubles are over. The case is a…

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Workers’ Compensation Reform in Illinois and Nationwide

September 30, 2011 Published in Articles

In June 2011, Illinois passed a bill reforming the state’s workers’ compensation system in an effort to cut costs and stimulate business growth. In so doing, Illinois joined a long list of states passing increasingly stringent requirements for workers to meet in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits for on-the-job injuries. While supporters of Illinois’…

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