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Category: Farm Accidents

What Are the Most Common Types of Tractor Accidents?

April 9, 2019 Published in Farm Accidents,Workers' Compensation

Many people mistakenly assume that farming equipment like tractors operate just like other vehicles. Harvesting equipment, agricultural vehicles, tractors, and other farm equipment manufacturers do not design these devices for safety and only those who understand how these vehicles work should operate them. Farming equipment accidents remain a common cause of accidental work-related injuries in…

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Man, 73, dies in grain bin accident on Illinois farm

May 12, 2014 Published in Farm Accidents,Firm News

It was a devastating scene at a rural Illinois farm recently when a 73-year-old man was reported missing. He had been working on the farm, and his vehicle was located near a grain bin. Search and rescue teams responded and launched efforts to empty the grain bin. They ultimately found the man hours later, but…

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Woman killed by falling hay bale while working on her farm

January 16, 2014 Published in Farm Accidents,Firm News

While most in Springfield would probably agree that farming can be a dangerous profession, they’d probably also assume that such dangers are presented by complex farming equipment or in encounters with large farm animals such as cows, horses, or bulls. Yet one of the sad realities of farming is that even accidents or freak occurrences…

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Fall while harvesting may be the cause of Murrayville man’s death

October 30, 2013 Published in Farm Accidents,Firm News

Many in Sangamon County don’t realize this, but one of the most dangerous professions in Illinois and around the country is farming. While advances in agricultural science and new technologies have definitely made a farmer’s job easier, they’ve also made it deadlier. When operating heavy equipment or machinery, a momentary lapse in one’s awareness of…

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