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Category: Farm Accidents

Fall while harvesting may be the cause of Murrayville man’s death

October 30, 2013 Published in Farm Accidents,Firm News

Many in Sangamon County don’t realize this, but one of the most dangerous professions in Illinois and around the country is farming. While advances in agricultural science and new technologies have definitely made a farmer’s job easier, they’ve also made it deadlier. When operating heavy equipment or machinery, a momentary lapse in one’s awareness of…

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Gilson man killed in random accident while still atop tractor

September 24, 2013 Published in Farm Accidents,Firm News

Farming and agricultural work is among the most dangerous professions in the U.S. Farm workers are often tasked with operating heavy machinery, dealing with large animals, and working in general conditions that can be conducive to accidents. Yet even with the extra emphasis being placed in recent years on farm safety protocols in Illinois, the…

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