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Category: Personal Injury

How do Insurers Value a Personal Injury Claim in Illinois?

May 14, 2020 Published in Personal Injury

If you sustained an injury that was caused by another person’s negligent actions, you will likely need to file a claim with their insurance carrier to secure compensation for your losses. Depending on the situation, this could involve car insurance carriers, homeowners’ insurance, or a business insurance company. Regardless of what type of claim, you…

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Common Forms of Asbestos Exposure in 2019

October 18, 2019 Published in Personal Injury

Most people understand that exposure to asbestos is dangerous for humans, though many people do not understand what asbestos is or where it is found. Unless you have been exposed to this hazardous material or know someone who has, you probably do not think about is every day. Understanding what asbestos is and how to…

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What Happens When a Personal Injury Claim Goes to Court?

July 24, 2019 Published in Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can become incredibly complex and will reach a settlement before they go to court or be decided in the courtroom. Not all personal injury claims go to court, and it is not uncommon for a case to be settled out of court. A “settlement” is the negotiated resolution of a personal injury…

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Top 4 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Claims

May 14, 2019 Published in Car Accidents,Personal Injury

The point of insurance is for the insurance company to provide financial support to policyholders when they have claims. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not look forward to upholding their end of the contract. During the claims process, the insurer may try to avoid liability for the claimant’s damages through common deny-or-delay tactics. Knowing some…

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What Happens During a Deposition in Illinois?

May 14, 2019 Published in Personal Injury

A deposition is something that happens during the discovery phase of a court case. It is one of the many pre-trial processes that allow both parties to create their strategies moving forward. Depositions involve witnesses answering questions about the case, during interrogations from both sides. The goal of a deposition is to give both parties…

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