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Category: Personal Injury

New Firm Name, Same Firm Tradition

March 22, 2013 Published in Firm News,Personal Injury,Workers' Compensation

For more than 30 years, Kanoski Bresney has served the central Illinois community. With 11 attorneys and more than three dozen staff, we’ve built a solid reputation of pursuing and obtaining full compensation for accident victims whether that accident involves a personal injury, worker’s compensation claim or a medical mistake. It’s been a commitment of…

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Know your rights after being injured on vacation

March 6, 2013 Published in Car Accidents,Firm News,Personal Injury

Vacations are supposed to be full of fun, relaxation and occasionally, some adventure. Unfortunately, not all vacations end well, especially when an accident or injury occurs while on vacation. There are several types of vacations that are commonly associated with a higher risk of being injured. These types of vacations usually involve more travelling or…

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Older farm workers have higher risk of being injured

December 7, 2012 Published in Firm News,Personal Injury

Older farmers have a higher risk of being injured, especially if they spend a lot of time operating heavy machinery, according to a new study by the University of Alberta. The study found that farm workers ages 45 to 64 spent six or eight more days per year operating tractors and other farming machinery compared…

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Insurance Industry Continues to Take Advantage of its Customers

February 9, 2012 Published in Firm News,Personal Injury

The insurance industry never ceases to amaze. They regularly take advantage of their customers who have been in motor vehicle accidents, aiming to provide as little help as possible. The following article clearly outlines the common practices at large insurance companies to help them realize billions of dollars in profits each year. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/13/insurance-claim-delays-industry-profits-allstate-mckinsey-company_n_1139102.html When you work with the…

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