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Halloween Child Safety Tips

October 21, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

Halloween is probably one of your kid’s favorite holidays. They get to dress up as their favorite character from this last year, have fun with friends, and get plenty of candy. However, if you have children who love to trick or treat, you should start planning for the big night a few days ahead of…

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New Law Would Make Illinois Children Have to Attend School by Age 5

September 26, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

Most children start kindergarten at age 5, though some areas have kindergarten programs for children who are only four years old. While most parents like the idea of getting their children into school as soon as possible, there are instances of parents holding their kids back from kindergarten until age six. Why would any parent…

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Illinois New Car Seat Laws 2019

September 24, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

Parents of young children often struggle to understand which child safety seat is correct and how the state laws apply to them. The Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act outlines the guidelines that parents must follow when they have younger children in a vehicle. This act says that children under the age of 8 years old…

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What to do if Your Bicycle Brakes Fail to Work

September 1, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

When most people hear about bicycle accidents, they think about a collision between a bike and a vehicle or a bicyclist losing control. However, there are times when the brakes of a bike fail to engage. When you are riding a bike, you need the brakes to work. There is no questioning that. When the…

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What Happens if Your Car Lands in a Pool?

August 30, 2019 Published in Uncategorized

When you have been driving for a while, you learn to expect the unexpected. However, what happened recently in Springfield caught a few people off guard. Police say that a 92-year-old woman drove her car into a backyard and right into someone’s swimming pool. Police say that the woman is okay and that nobody else…

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