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Chicago teen’s joy ride results in death of a 12-year-old friend

December 19, 2013 Published in Firm News

Most, if not all kids in Springfield look forward with great anticipation to that magical day when they earn their driver’s license. Being able to drive represents a degree of freedom that they long for, and it serves notice to the world that they’re ready to step into adulthood. Some so look forward to this privilege that they’re unable to wait until 16. Yet sadly, a quick spin behind the wheel before one reaches the legal driving age can often result in trouble that can jeopardize his or her chances of enjoying driving or any other activity in the future.

A Chicago girl is learning this lesson the hard way as she recently was charged with reckless homicide in connection with the death of her 12-year-old friend. The girl had taken a car out for a joy ride with the boy and some of her other friends. Sadly, there fun ended when she drove the car into a tree. Details of how the boy was killed weren’t released. Four other kids in the car were treated for injuries at local hospitals.

What the young girl no doubt didn’t realize was the legal liability that she was opening herself and her family up to. Not only does she have to pay the criminal penalties for the car accident, but she and/or her family may also be subject to civil action from the deceased boy’s family. Anyone who has lost a loved one to reckless behavior such as this is well within their rights to seek compensation. A personal injury lawyer may offer one the best chance at earning that compensation. 

Source: New York Daily News “Illinois girl, 13, charged with homicide in tragic joyride crash death of friend” Michael Walsh, Dec. 08, 2013