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Common types of damages you may claim in a personal injury suit

December 5, 2014 Published in Car Accidents,Firm News

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, your first priorities should be survival and recovery. Accident victims cannot be expected to focus on anything else, at least not right away.

Once your situation has stabilized, however, you will need to address practical issues, such as how your accident and injuries will impact your life and your finances. If you were injured by the negligence of another driver, you will likely want to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation you seek for loss or injury is typically referred to as “damages.”

In today’s post, we’ll discuss three common kinds of damages you may be able to claim in your personal injury lawsuit. Perhaps most obvious are damages related to medical expenses. Depending on the severity and prognosis of your injuries, damages could be as small as a few thousand dollars or as high as millions of dollars. Permanent paralysis, traumatic brain injury and other serious medical outcomes will likely necessitate high-end damages.

You may also be able to sue for lost wages related to the car accident. You will likely miss days/weeks/months at work while you are recovering. You may also need to take time off for physical therapy and other medical appointments.

Unfortunately, a car accident can also reduce your future earning potential by limiting your capacity to do certain kinds of work. If you worked in a physically demanding job prior to your accident, perhaps you no longer have the strength or mobility to continue that work. Lost wages can be calculated for short-term losses or for losses that will likely affect the rest of your career.

Finally, you may be able to seek damages for pain and suffering, which is also referred to mental or physical distress. The amount of damages available will depend on:

  • What type of injuries you suffered
  • The level of pain associated with those injuries
  • How long the pain is expected to continue and at what intensity level
  • Any psychological trauma you have suffered (in some cases)

These are just some of the damages you can pursue after being injured in a motor vehicle accident. In order to asses all of your options and legal rights, please consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.