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Driver loses control of 18-wheeler during sneezing fit

November 15, 2013 Published in Firm News

The long haul truckers driving through Springfield are typically well-trained to handle the vehicles that they operate. Yet that doesn’t mean that they are immune to accidents. Because of the challenges that come from the extreme size of the vehicles, even a momentary slip can result in a tragic accident. In the event of such an accident, the large cargos that these tractor trailers typically haul can quickly turn into a downpour of dangerous debris, which could prove catastrophic for the vehicles around them.

A recent roadway accident involving an 18-wheeler coming to Illinois from Tennessee illustrates this point. The massive vehicle overturned near a Tennessee elementary school. The cause of the accident: A massive sneezing fit brought on by a head cold from which the driver was suffering. Much of the 35,000 lbs. of shelving fell from the truck in the accident. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Yet while this accident occurred in a rural area on relatively clear roads, it could just as easily have happened on a crowded Illinois freeway, jeopardizing any vehicles near the truck as it turned over and turning seemingly harmless shelving panels into dangerous flying projectiles. Imagining such a scenario, it’s clear to see how dangerous such an accident can be, and all as a result of a momentary loss of control by the driver.

In the event that someone is injured in a tractor trailer accident, he or she may be entitled to compensation for those injuries from the driver, the trucking company, or their insurance company if negligence can be proven. Proving that negligence can be difficult. A personal injury lawyer with experience in dealing with such accidents may be a useful ally in helping to prove one’s case.

Source: The Tennessean “Sneezing fit leads to 18-wheeler wreck” Nicole Young, Nov. 05, 2013