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Fog and speed play factor in truck accident

May 7, 2016 Published in Firm News,Truck Accidents

Two trucks were involved in a crash in Galesburg, Illinois recently, and the police will cite one of the drivers for being reckless and dangerous. The accident occurred on Interstate 74 during the night. It was foggy out, and according to a meteorologist, visibility was down to a quarter-mile. One of the trucks was driving “too fast for conditions” and the police are expected to cite the driver for that offense.

Amazingly, there are few other details available about the wreck in the source article. We don’t know if either truck driver was injured, but it appears from the photos that the trucks crashed head on. The devastation of the scene is clear from those photos.

One of the inherent facts about trucks is that they are large, powerful vehicles that basically overwhelm any other vehicle on the road if they are involved in an accident. The devastation and injuries they can cause can ruin lives and destroy families. This is why so much attention is paid to truck safety — and why it is so outrageous and unacceptable when truck drivers get out on the road when they are tired, distracted or unfit for duty.

When a truck driver is responsible for a crash and that driver was fatigued, sleepy, distracted or otherwise dangerous, then the victims and their loved ones need to consider the legal side of their case. They have to hold that reckless driver responsible for what he or she did.

Source: The Register-Mail, “Semi driver likely to be cited in I-74 crash,” Robert Connelly, April 21, 2016