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Springfield Bone Fracture Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a fracture, you may find yourself unable to do your job or accomplish simple daily tasks such as feeding yourself or bathing. Surgery, casts and weeks of rehabilitation can increase the pain and disability you experience. In the most catastrophic cases of fractured limbs, amputation may be required.

Kanoski Bresney understands that while not all broken bones are catastrophic, they can cause temporary or partial disability. In addition, the medical costs may be significant and include surgeries, hospital stays, numerous doctor visits, rehabilitation, wheelchairs and medical equipment. You may also need compensation for lost wages if you cannot return to work during or after your recovery.

Complications Of Leg And Arm Fractures

A fractured femur (thigh bone) may require a cast that covers the leg and part of the pelvis, and surgical remedies such as plates and screws, external fixation or a rod placed in the bone. Femur fractures typically take at least three to six months to heal.

The tibia and fibula in the lower leg are at risk for many types of fractures. Depending on the type and severity of the fracture, surgical remedies may be necessary. Patients with tibia and fibula fractures often must wear full-leg casts, which cause temporary disability. A shorter cast may replace the full-leg cast after a few weeks. Lower leg fractures may take a minimum of four to six months to heal.

Depending on the nature of the fracture and the age of the patient, it is possible for a broken bone to heal only partially. Some patients never recover full use of a fractured limb, hand or fingers. When an elderly person breaks a hip, there is approximately a 20 percent chance that the aftermath of the break and recovery period will result in death.

Broken arms or elbows may require surgical pins, screws, plates or external fixation. In some cases, the patient does not recover full range of motion or use of the arm after surgery. Losing full use of the arm may prevent you from returning to your job or continuing your occupation.

Springfield Bone Fracture Injury Lawyers

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