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Emergency Room Errors

Emergency care requires that doctors and other medical professionals are able to assess symptoms and diagnose ailments quickly and accurately. Mistakes in the emergency room can be fatal — a misdiagnosed heart attack may prevent someone from obtaining necessary lifesaving treatment. A failure to diagnose a stroke may result in permanent brain damage.

If you or someone you love has been injured as the result of emergency room negligence, come to Kanoski Bresney. A skilled Springfield medical malpractice lawyer at our firm will hold doctors, hospitals and hospital employees accountable for losses due to malpractice.

What is Emergency Room Negligence?

Emergency room negligence cases are often every complex. The injuries may be caused by the errors of many different people, and in some cases, even the best medical treatment cannot change the effects of someone’s medical condition.

At Kanoski Bresney, we only handle injury and wrongful death claims, and this is all we have done since our firm opened in 1979. Currently, we have a team of seven trial attorneys who devote their entire practice to injury litigation. We have the experience necessary to effectively protect your rights and interests in a case involving emergency room malpractice, no matter how complex the claims may be.

We understand the serious consequences of emergency room negligence, and the long-term effects these mistakes are likely to have on your life. When injuries occur, we are focused on helping our clients obtain the respect, response and results® they deserve.

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