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Five Things To Remember After Your Car Accident

At Kanoski Bresney, we have counseled injured people throughout the Central Illinois region for more than three decades. During that time, we have seen too many of the same simple mistakes made over and over again by people after they have been injured in car accidents.

You may have come across our site while trying to learn more about your own rights after a car accident. For that reason, we provide you with these 5 tips on what you should remember during this difficult time.

Kanoski Bresney: Dedicated To You After Your Car Accident

First, remember, the insurance company, its adjuster and its attorneys are not there to help you. They are there to protect the insurance company’s bottom line. Your attorney’s loyalty, however, is not divided. Your attorney has an ethical duty to protect your interests and only your interests.

Second, remember, while you do have rights after a car accident, you probably do not know what those rights are. Many clients understand that they have rights, but they are often mistaken as to what those rights are. An experienced attorney can help you gain the correct understanding of what rights you have and how to protect them.

Third, remember, write down as soon as you can how you are feeling. Your record of your daily routine and your injuries can become important later in your case.

Fourth, remember, even though family members and other loved ones often have your best interests at heart, they are in no position to offer you legal advice. Instead, you should rely on your attorney when you are making decisions about how to handle your case.

Fifth, remember, experience does count. An experienced attorney has often already dealt with representatives from your insurance company. An experienced attorney can also help you understand how a particular insurance adjuster, opposing counsel or judge may affect the strategy you adopt for your case.

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