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Most Frequent Causes Of Car Accidents

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Illinois Roadway Crash Data Report, there were nearly 300,000 crashes involving motor vehicles in Illinois in 2014. Of these accidents, more than 61,000 involved bodily injury and 845 resulted in a fatality.

These statistics are staggering, and make driving one of the most dangerous activities we engage in every day. It is up to drivers to protect themselves and others by remaining attentive and vigilant when operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers are still negligent and many vehicles malfunction.

Experienced Counsel That Can Get Results

Our Springfield accident attorneys at Kanoski Bresney are here to help you if you were injured on the road due to negligence. We are central Illinois’ largest personal injury firm. For more than 40 years, we have made helping injury victims our top priority, and it has helped us successfully recover million-dollar verdicts for people with complex injury or wrongful death cases. Contact us today for help.

What Caused Your Accident? Who Is To Blame?

There are countless reasons that a car, truck, motorcycle or other roadway accident takes place. Most of them, however, fall into categories that describe the most common causes or catalysts for accidents. These are:

  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence: Despite the obvious dangers of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/alcohol (DUIs/DWIs), many people still get behind the wheel after they’ve had too much to drink. We can help pursue compensation against the individual whose drunk driving caused your accident injury or the loss of a loved one.
  • Inattentive driving: Distracted drivers have always played a significant role in car accidents, but the problem is exacerbated in the digital age. We tackle issues of texting while driving, using the Internet while driving, fatigued driving and more.
  • Driver error, recklessness or wrongdoing: Drivers often get assertive or impatient when they are on the road, but that does not mean they should sacrifice safety to get where they are going. If you were hurt because someone was tailgating, speeding, failing to yield, cutting you off, ignoring traffic signals, failing to adjust to weather conditions, or something else, we can help you.
  • Vehicle or equipment failure/malfunction: Some accidents are simply the result of bad equipment. That equipment issue may be the result of a car owner who fails to properly maintain the vehicle, or a manufacturer that introduces a defective product to consumers. In either case, you should not have to suffer alone because of someone else’s negligence.

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