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Open Intersection Accidents

Road intersections are frequently the location of auto crashes. Collisions between vehicles, injuries to bicyclists and injuries to pedestrians may all result when drivers fail to exercise reasonable precaution for the safety of the public. Many accidents happen each year in Illinois at open intersections where there are no traffic control devices including stop signs, yield signs or traffic signals. Rural farm roads where high corn stalks are present introduce ripe conditions for an accident.

Wrecks at open intersections frequently occur when one of the drivers does not know the proper right-of-way or simply fails to obey known rules of the road. Further, many people have been injured at open intersections because drivers have been speeding, texting, driving inattentively, drunk driving or being otherwise careless or reckless.

If you or a family member has been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident at an open intersection, contact the experienced Springfield car accident lawyers at Kanoski Bresney. We offer extensive experience in auto accident claims and have been protecting the rights of injured people throughout central Illinois for more than 40 years.

Do Not Delay

Proving liability is key in all auto crash cases. This is especially true in open intersection accidents where a victim’s word is disputed by the other driver and there was a less than thorough investigation. Our firm investigates the causes of auto collisions to help clients improve their chance for a full financial recovery.

Insurance companies know that key evidence fades over time so they delay your claim as long as possible. Evidence of tire marks can fade, the recollection of witnesses can fade, and damage to your vehicle and your body must be properly documented. Even the manner in which you communicate with your doctor and explain the extent of your injuries is key. The sooner we are retained as your legal counsel, the sooner we can provide sound advice, begin the process of managing your claim and start pursuing the compensation you are owed.

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