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Springfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents can lead to serious injuries and tremendous costs for victims. In many cases, pedestrian accidents are caused by the actions of careless or negligent drivers. Victims and their families should not be on the line for expenses. When you need a Springfield pedestrian accident attorney, you can count on Kanoski Bresney to be by your side, working to secure the compensation you deserve.

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Why Kanoski Bresney is the Best Firm for your Pedestrian Accident Case

Kanoski Bresney has protected victims of personal injuries for over 40 years in Springfield, Illinois. With humble beginnings as a small firm in 1978, we have grown into a regional powerhouse with the resources to take your case to the next level.

  • We have secured more than $400 million in settlements for our clients through verdicts and settlements in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced team specializes in personal injury cases and understand how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.
  • The structure of our firm allows us to provide representation at each level of a personal injury case.

Springfield pedestrian accident attorney

How can a Springfield Pedestrian Accident lawyer help my claim?

No two pedestrian injury cases are the same. Attorneys recognize this and are able to get to the heart of each unique case. The most important thing a Springfield pedestrian accident lawyer will do is provide a thorough investigation of your case. This can include:

  • Contacting and interviewing witnesses to the incident
  • Obtain and review police reports
  • Gather surveillance footage or traffic cam footage
  • Review 911 call recordings
  • File subpoenas for phone records or other important documents
  • Reconstruct an accident scene

Your attorney also understands the importance of ensuring you are taken care of. This means you will receive quality medical care and get the evaluations necessary to help prove your case. Your attorney will also:

  • Obtain your medical records
  • Secure an expert medical witness to review your records and testify on your behalf

Getting Evidence in Pedestrian Cases

Your attorney will investigate multiple avenues of proof to put together a solid timeline of events. This evidence will be used to negotiate a settlement that gets you the compensation you deserve. It is vitally important that you do not speak to any insurance company or claims adjuster yourself. Please understand that insurance companies are not on your side. They are out to pay as little as possible in compensation and will use anything you say against you. They will even go so far as to lay all the blame for a pedestrian crash on you.

Let your attorney handle all communications with insurance companies and other parties after an accident. If the insurance companies refuse to give a proper settlement, your attorney will not hesitate to go to trial on your behalf.

How Common are Pedestrian Accidents in Springfield?

During the latest reporting year for Illinois, there were 311,679 crashes involving motor vehicles. When we look at Sangamon County data, we see that there were over 5,000 vehicle crashes. 1,125 of those crashes caused injuries. When we look closely at the data, we see that there were:

  • 4,940 total pedestrian accidents in Illinois
  • 148 total pedestrian crash fatalities
  • 4,663 total pedestrian crash injuries

Out of those pedestrian crashes, 1,061 injuries were classified as “A-Injury” crashes by the state. A-Injury crashes are defined as:

  • “An injury, other than a fatal injury, that prevents the injured person from walking, driving or normally continuing the activities he/she was capable of performing before the injury occurred. Includes severe lacerations, broken limbs, skull or chest injuries, and abdominal injuries.”

Looking at the numbers above, you can see that nearly every pedestrian crash results in an injury or fatality. The vast majority of pedestrian crashes happened on city streets and roads. Places like Springfield are much more likely to experience pedestrian crashes.

How is a Pedestrian Accident Determined in Springfield?

Pedestrian crashes happen in a variety of ways. Consider all the places where vehicles and pedestrians are in the same vicinity:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Intersections
  • Crosswalks
  • And more

Negligent Driving in Pedestrian Accidents

We often find that driver negligent plays a large role in pedestrian crashes. This can take many forms, including:

  • Distracted Driving: Technology has become a valuable part of our lives. It has also become a distraction for drivers. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, but it happens all the time. When someone is looking at their phone screens to text or watch a video, they are taking their eyes off the roadway.
  • Impaired Driving: Alcohol-impaired driving was the cause of 32% of all fatal traffic crashes during the latest reporting year in Illinois. Drunk drivers often operate at high speeds and rarely slow down before an impact.
  • Speeding: Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes in Illinois and can lead to significant pedestrian injuries.

Many people have asked about electric scooters and pedestrians in Springfield. Electric scooters have caused many severe injuries and even fatalities in major cities across the US. According to the Springfield Police Department, the department does not interact with electric scooters often, but they have pointed out that electric and gas-powered scooters have to be ridden in the same manner as pedaled bicycles. This means riders must obey stop signs and traffic signals.

Springfield has approved an agreement to allow a bike-sharing program in the city. We want to point out that bicycle and scooters can also cause severe pedestrian injuries.

Is the driver always at fault in a pedestrian accident?

Though driver negligence is often a factor in pedestrian accidents, they are not always purely at fault. Illinois is a comparative negligence state. This means that all parties involved in an accident can share the blame. Yes, a driver’s excessive speed may have had a factor in a pedestrian crash, but insurance companies will also look at the pedestrian’s behavior at the time of the incident. If they were distracted by looking at their cell phone or crossing a street illegally, they might share part of the blame for the crash.

You need to secure a skilled Springfield pedestrian accident lawyer who can examine all aspect of your case and push for maximum compensation for your injuries.

Can a city or municipality be held accountable for a pedestrian accident?

Drivers are often the cause of serious pedestrian accidents, but cities can also be held liable in these cases. If a municipality such as Springfield is negligent in their duties and a pedestrian gets injured, they could also be on the line for expenses.

  • A city could fail to remedy a hazardous situation like a broken sidewalk after they discovered the hazard.
  • A city could fail to place warning signs around dangerous dips or holes in a sidewalk.

What are some common injuries from pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents almost always result in an injury or a fatality. Our bodies are no match for a passenger vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. We commonly handle cases for clients that are suffering from the following pedestrian accident injuries:

Each of these injuries requires immediate medical care. In many cases, a crash victim needs extensive surgery or rehabilitation in order to make a full recovery. The cost of medical care for these injuries can be tremendous and lead to financial instability for victims and their families. Aside from medical costs, many people do not think about the hidden costs of accidents. These costs can include:

  • Lost income if a victim cannot work temporarily or is permanently disabled
  • A loss of income because a victim cannot perform the same work as before
  • Home or vehicle modifications to ease mobility
  • Emotional and psychological damages

What To Do if you were Hit by a Car?

If you are in a Springfield pedestrian accident, seek medical assistance immediately. Even if your injuries seem minor at first, please know that it sometimes takes hours or even days to know the full extent of many pedestrian crash injuries.

  • Gather as much evidence at the scene of the crash as you can. This can include photos of the incident, including damage to vehicles and the area around the crash.
  • Make sure the police are called and obtain copies of all reports related to the incident.
  • Get copies of all medical records, including EMS reports, emergency room reports, and any follow up medical doctor’s office records.
  • You can report the accident to your insurance company, but do not speak to any insurance adjusters or the insurance company without consulting with a Springfield pedestrian accident lawyer first.

What type of damages can you seek in a Springfield pedestrian accident?

We will work diligently to secure the compensation you need for all of your crash-related expenses. The damages you could recover are both economic and non-economic. For a Springfield pedestrian accident, this could include:

  • Coverage of current and future medical expenses
  • Recovery of lost wages if you are unable to work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Future rehabilitative costs
  • Home or vehicle modifications in cases of a disability
  • Possible punitive damages against any negligent party

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