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Nursing Home Theft

After placing your elderly loved one in a nursing home, assisted living facility or elder care home, you should not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of your family member. Unfortunately, there are cases of nursing home negligence or nursing home neglect happening every day in Illinois. However, not all elder abuse or neglect happens through physical actions. There are also instances of nursing home theft.

If you suspect your elderly loved one is a victim of nursing home theft, you should take immediate legal action. You should not worry about embarrassing your loved one by making a mistake or causing problems for no reason. It is better to be safe than sorry. You do not want to be sorry later when you find out the situation only got worse and you could have done something earlier about it. Talk to one of the experienced and compassionate Springfield nursing home abuse attorneys at Kanoski Bresney about your potential nursing home theft case.

What Is Nursing Home Theft? Is This Neglect Or Abuse?

Nursing home theft is when an elderly person’s personal belongings or even trust funds or other accounts are unlawfully stolen. Whether this is through straight-out theft or through coercion, situations of duress or embezzlement, it is illegal and wrong. This is considered a type of nursing home neglect or abuse as it is hurting and taking advantage of the elderly. Unfortunately, this type of nursing home abuse is becoming more and more common.

Family members and loved ones can take action now by being proactive. Keeping a close eye on records and those who spend a lot of time with an elderly loved one is always a good idea. If you suspect theft, make a police report and talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Once you talk to one of our attorneys about your nursing home theft case, we can pursue legal action against the individual perpetrators or even the nursing home/assisted living center.

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