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Peoria Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Our elderly loved ones deserve to live in a safe, nurturing environment where they are treated with courtesy and respect. Sadly, abuse and neglect of older residents are not uncommon in nursing homes today.

If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, call Kanoski Bresney in Peoria right away. We can help you seek justice and compensation for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

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Why You Need a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation available under the law in your nursing home abuse case. Our experienced Peoria nursing home abuse attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to reveal the facts surrounding your loved one’s injuries. Once the facts have been established, we will move forward to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or file a lawsuit for damages against the facility. We will prepare the strongest possible case based on the facts to maximize the value of your claim, whether it ends in settlement or litigation.

Peoria nursing home abuse lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

As stated by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), concern about elder abuse in nursing homes was first brought to public attention in the 1970s, when long-term care facilities were relatively unregulated with little oversight. Recent research has shown the following:

  • 14,258 complaints reported to Ombudsman programs in a recent year involved abuse, gross neglect, or exploitation in long-term care facilities. This figure represents 7.6% of approximately 188,599 complaints received.
  • Abuse of older residents in nursing homes by other residents may be a more common problem than abuse of residents by staff.
  • 70% of state surveys of licensed facilities miss at least one deficiency, while 15% miss actual harm and immediate jeopardy of a nursing home resident.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical Abuse

This type of abuse involves some type of physical force that can be expected to cause bodily harm, impairment, or physical pain. It may include striking with an object, slapping, shaking, shoving, pushing, biting, kicking, force-feeding a resident, using drugs inappropriately, or using physical restraints.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Verbal or non-verbal means are used to inflict pain, anguish, or emotional distress with this type of abuse. It may involve insulting, humiliating, intimidating, or threatening the resident, or engaging in verbal assaults. The elderly person may be treated like a child and isolated from friends, family, and activities he or she enjoys.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of an elderly person is defined as non-consensual sex. It may involve unwanted touching, coerced nudity, taking nude pictures, sexual assault, sodomy, or intercourse.


Nursing home neglect can be defined as failing or refusing to provide an elderly resident with the care he or she needs to live comfortably. It may involve failing to provide necessities of life such as food, water, clothing, medical treatment, hygiene, personal safety, and comfort.

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