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Providing broad scope of personal injury legal experience

October 5, 2016 Published in Firm News,Personal Injury

We live in an era of specialization. Football teams have special squads. In health care, there are insurance plans that seek to manage the care process in hopes that costs can be kept under control. Just what the level of management should be and how well it works remains the subject of a lot of debate here in Central Illinois and across the country.

In general terms, if an attorney graduates from law school and passes the bar, he or she is deemed qualified to practice. But the law has its areas of specialty, as well. One attorney might focus on estate planning; another on family law. Yet another might provide criminal defense services. Personal injury law encompasses such a broad range of potential issues that protection of client rights warrants special commitment.

Whether you suffer injury in a city or a rural setting, whether your issue involves a slip and fall, a work injury or the loss of a loved one due to negligence of others, you want to have confidence that the attorney you enlist will be prepared to deal with your matter from start to finish.

You deserve and likely want solid commitment from the outset, from initial assessment of your case through the litigation process, negotiation of settlement terms and on through to trial if that is required. In instances where appeals are possible, such as in denials of workers’ compensation claims, you have a right to expect that base to be covered, too, without the need to hand matters off to someone new.

The Kanoski Bresney firm takes pride in its commitment to the practice of personal injury law on behalf of clients in need and in the recognition it has earned for its work.