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Safe driving tips for the Fourth of July

June 29, 2018 Published in Firm News

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration. However, it is also one of the deadliest days on the road for many cities around the United States. According to the Illinois Tollway, drivers need to remain vigilant on July 3-4 and take into account any construction going on around nearby roadways.

Naturally, you should never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or taking prescription medication. There are plenty of more actions you can take to ensure you and your family have a safe holiday to avoid a car accident

Stay far away from seemingly intoxicated drivers

You may stay sober this Fourth of July, but you may encounter other cars on the road swerving and creating a hazard due to drunk driving. The most important thing in this scenario is to keep your distance. Take note of the license plate number and have someone in your vehicle contact the police. 

Leave events early

Even when sober, car accidents are more likely to occur if there are simply more people on a particular roadway. Therefore, it may work to your best interest to leave an event early. Do not stay out too late, so you can avoid heavy traffic. 

Always be able to see

You may have a cooler, chairs and other items packed inside your car for fun activities. You should take note if the items impede your ability to see out the back window. You need to be able to see out of every window at all times. 

Maintain safe distances

You should never tailgate regardless of what day it is, but you definitely do not want to do it when traffic is heavier. You should maintain several car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. 

Do not text

In Illinois, it is illegal for drivers to use a phone while behind the wheel unless they are over the age of 19 and it is a hands-free device. Looking down at your phone for even a second could result in a collision.