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State police looking into cause of fatal Litchfield car accident

November 5, 2013 Published in Firm News

Not all of the vehicles on Springfield’s roads are created equal. It’s often because of this that some walk away from car accidents involving multiple vehicles without a scratch on them, while others in the same accident never walk again. Each car, truck, and SUV faces unique challenges on the road because of its size and design. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the on-road characteristics of their vehicles. Failure to do so may end in tragedy.

Such may be the case with a recent fatal car accident in Litchfield. Illinois State Police are trying to determine who was at fault after a large cargo van slammed into the back of a smaller car in the interstate. They believe that the car could have slowed or even come to a complete stop before the van struck it from behind, but no word was released as to why the car’s driver would have done that. While the driver of the van was unhurt, 3 of the 6 passengers in the car were killed, including two children.

While the cause behind some car accidents may seem fairly cut-and-dry, others such as this require a thorough investigation, requiring answers to such questions as to why the car slowed, or if the van was traveling too closely behind the car so as to be unable to avoid a collision. Once responsibility has been determined in this or other similarly puzzling accidents, victims may be entitles to seek compensation from the responsible party and/or his or her insurance company. Those looking to pursue such a claim may want to secure the services of a personal injury lawyer to assist in doing so. 

Source: ABC7Chicago.com “Woman, 2 kids dead in i-55 crash in Litchfield” Oct. 26, 2013