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The fall season brings unique driving hazards

September 11, 2018 Published in Firm News

The fall season comes with beautiful leaves, warm sweaters and the beginning of the holidays. For motorists, autumn also comes with some unique safety concerns. 

Weather changes, road conditions and shorter days can make driving unpredictable. Staying aware of fall driving hazards will help you avoid wrecks.

Be ready for rain

You will experience increased rainfall during the fall. Make sure you stay farther away from the vehicles in front of you to allow yourself more time to brake if necessary. Decreasing your overall speed is also a good idea in the rain – this will help you avoid hydroplaning. When it is foggy, use your fog lights and/or low beams. 

Beware of freshly fallen leaves

Leaves on the road may seem like no big deal, but that is a false assumption. Wet leaves are one of the most dangerous fall driving hazards. If the leaves are wet, they are slippery and may cause you to lose control of your car. Drive slowly over leaves and do not brake hard on them. Additionally, leaves can hide road markers, so stay alert to stay in your lane. 

Watch out for early darkness

Remember that the days get shorter in fall and daylight savings time will end soon. Driving at night is more difficult and dangerous. Avoid driving at night as much as possible. If you must navigate the roads at night, give your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness before hitting the pavement.

Avoid sun glare

Autumn is a time of terrible sun glare. Exposure to sun glare may make it difficult for you to see oncoming traffic, pedestrians or even cars in front of you. Sun glare is not just a problem when it is in front of you – it can be hazardous in your rearview mirror as well. 

Watch for wildlife

When the leaves start falling, more animals may be out and about – especially deer. Keep an eye out for wildlife, particularly at night and early in the morning.