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Workers’ Comp: Not Just For Those With Physically Demanding Jobs

Most people think of workers’ compensation claims as being for construction workers, truck drivers or people with labor-intensive jobs. While accidents certainly happen in those environments, many low-intensity jobs also result in workplace accidents.

Despite their appearance, these injuries can be just as severe and disabling as more sudden accident injuries. Unfortunately, they are also more difficult to document and demonstrate to insurance providers who are liable to compensate injured workers.

The Detailed Representation You Need To Collect Workers’ Comp

You need to make sure you have an experienced Springfield workers’ compensation attorney on your side if you have suffered a workplace injury or illness in a low-intensity or sedentary position.

Get help from our team of legal professionals at Kanoski Bresney, which is one of central Illinois’ largest injury firms. We have a reputation for excellence that is backed by a record of success — a record that includes multimillion-dollar recoveries for injury victims.

We can help you with a wide range of injuries that often affect workers in low-intensity or sedentary workplaces:

  • Repetitive stress injuries: Carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and shoulder injuries, slip-and-fall accidents, vision loss caused by bright lights or computer screens, loss of hearing due to loud noises at work, back or spinal cord injuries caused by standing in one place for too long, etc.
  • Occupational diseases: Exposure to toxic fumes, respiratory damage like mesothelioma, toxic exposure that causes tumors or cancers, etc.

The Support And Advocacy That Can Make A Difference

We love what we do because we have the opportunity to truly help people who need support in the insurance and legal systems. Our job is to make sure you get what you need to move forward on stable financial footing, no matter how your injury has affected your life.

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