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Workers’ Compensation Laws -Don’t Let the Changes Happen

February 22, 2011 Published in Firm News,Workers' Compensation

The General Assembly’s recent fall veto session saw a flurry of activity that included proposed wide-ranging “reforms” to the Illinois workers’ compensation system. Motivated by an apparent desire to secure Republican votes on other issues, Democrats entertained a variety of changes that included giving employers and insurance companies control over which doctors injured workers could…

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Federal Statistics Highlight the Dangers of Rural Roads

February 14, 2011 Published in Car Accidents,Firm News

According to federal traffic statistics, the likelihood that you will be involved in a fatal car accident depends largely upon where you live in the country. People living near and driving on rural roads are far more likely to be involved in fatal car crashes than their urban counterparts. This may seem counterintuitive. One might…

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