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People who suffer from traumatic brain injuries may have problems returning to work.

Unsafe workplace conditions can lead to devastating accidents, which can cause serious injuries, long-term disabilities, major medical expenses, emotional trauma and even death. A common workplace injury in Illinois and throughout the country occurs when a worker experiences a hard bump to the head. This can damage the soft brain tissue that lies within the skull cavity. In some cases, injured workers who suffer from traumatic brain injuries are unable to return to work, and as a result, their ability to earn money, pay bills and maintain a good quality of life is affected.

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Some Chicago area consumers were surprised to learn this month that insurance companies can at any time limit their access to…

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Kanoski Bresney named 2015 Litigator Award Winner™. Having been conferred this prestigious National Award, the firm ranks among the Top 1% of all lawyers for: Automobile Accidents, Products Liability, Failure To Diagnose and Truck Accidents Litigation.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON: JAN. 14, 2016 Kanoski Bresney, a trial law firm located in Bloomington, Illinois, was today awarded the prestigious 2015 Litigator Award™ for extraordinary achievement within the field(s) of: Automobile Accidents, Products Liability, Failure To Diagnose and Truck Accidents Litigation.

Justly standing as the nation’s most coveted symbol of "Litigation Achievement", this unrivaled annual honor recognizes trial lawyers [firms] who have attained extraordinary litigation achievement within one or more of 72 pre-defined "Practice Specialty" categories. Based strictly on "Verdict and/or Settlement" dollar achievement rather than peer popularity, the Litigator Awards™ are perhaps the most rigorous and openly judged trial law rating. Simply being nominated is to be set among the elite of the profession. Those awarded are generally considered among the finest trial lawyers in the nation.


A study into diagnostic errors says they are very common, but frighteningly little understood.

Over the past 16 years the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has released a series of groundbreaking studies into shortcomings in the health care industry. Their first study, "To Err is Human," brought much needed attention to the problem of preventable medical errors. IOM's latest report, "Improving Diagnosis in Health Care," is now shining light on diagnostic errors and the harm they do to patients. However, as U.S. News & World Report notes, perhaps the most frightening conclusion reached by the study is just how little is still known about diagnostic errors.

Lack of studies

The report notes that coming up with a precise figure about how many people are actually misdiagnosed at health care facilities is impossible because the problem is underreported and little studied. As one of the researchers notes, the lack of information surrounding misdiagnoses is distressing because nobody knows "how often it occurs, how serious it is or how much it costs." The report refers to diagnostic errors as a massive "blind-spot" in patient safety.


Truck accidents claim the lives of several thousands of motorists each year and leave many more with serious injuries that can be life-changing. Because of the threat that large trucks pose to other motorists on the road, Congress and federal regulatory agencies have implemented many safety measures over the years to keep the public safe from this threat. However, many of these safety measures may soon be for naught, as Congress is considering passing a transportation bill that would roll back many safety measures. Even more puzzling, Congress is considering doing this at a time that the number of fatal truck accidents has increased every year for the past six years.

Bigger trucks

One of the most controversial aspects of the transportation bill is a provision that would raise the maximum allowable size and weight of large trucks. If passed, the bill would raise the maximum allowable weight of a semi-truck from 80,000 pounds to 91,000. Additionally, the bill would significantly lengthen the maximum length allowable for double semis (trucks that haul two trailers at once) from 28 to 33 feet each.

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