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If you sustain an at work, workers' compensation benefits can give you the help you need to pay your bills and get medical treatment. However, some common errors can cause problems such as delays, fewer benefits than you need and even outright denials.

Even if you think you have a straightforward case, consulting a workers' comp attorney can help you maximize your chances of getting the results you deserve. If you receive a denial, your lawyer can help you move through the appeals process. Be sure to act as soon as you receive the notice, as appeals run on fairly tight deadlines.

Delaying the incident report


It does not take an extreme car accident to result in serious injuries to all parties involved. One of the most serious to pay attention to is a traumatic brain injury

Car accidents happen every day in Illinois, and if you ever find yourself in one, you need to see a doctor immediately. Traumatic brain injuries can quickly escalate. In the weeks and months following the collision, you should watch out for the following symptoms and bring them to the immediate attention of a medical professional. 

Mental and cognitive symptoms


Some people develop occupational diseases like asthma due to prolonged exposure to poor air quality. You may be among them.

If your asthma is a work-related condition, you should explore your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits and more.

Poor air quality affects everyone


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It is almost the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be hazardous and full of harmful surprises. As you shop, travel and celebrate, it is crucial to exercise caution so you do not get hurt. Simple activities can come with a serious risk for accidents.

Safety should be a top priority from November to January. According to a recent analysis of health insurance claims, there are a few common causes of personal injuries from Thanksgiving to New Year's. 

1. Falling because of snow and ice


If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Illinois based on your injuries in a car crash, you likely have many questions about how such a case works. One essential piece of information many people seek is how much their car accident case may be worth.

For every person, the specific answer depends on a variety of circumstances relating to their case. There is no reliable one-size-fits-all calculator that spits out a guaranteed result; consulting an attorney is the best way to get information about your own situation. However, understanding some key principles can give you general information about how Illinois damages work.

Damages are compensation for harm

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