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Bloomingdale personal injury lawyerIf you file a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois, you will likely have to participate in a deposition with your lawyer - a recorded interview under oath. Being prepared for what to expect during a deposition is crucial for successfully pursuing your injury claim.

Purpose of the Deposition

The deposition allows the other party’s attorney to ask you questions about your lawsuit claims, medical history, and other aspects related to the accident and injuries. Your testimony is given under oath and recorded by a court reporter to be potentially used later if the case proceeds to trial.

Location and Scheduling

Depositions usually take place at the defending attorney’s office. Your lawyer will coordinate scheduling, but the other party generally sets the date and time. Multiple depositions often occur over the course of an injury lawsuit.


3 summertime driving hazards

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When you think of a season that has hazardous driving conditions, you may think of winter. Out of all the seasons, summer seems like it would be a serene time to drive. However, the sunny season has its fair share of hazards. In fact, July and August have the most deadly crashes.

As the weather gets warmer, there are plenty of summertime risks that require you to be aware. From vacationers to construction, here are some reasons why summer driving can be dangerous.

1. More people on the road


If you are a construction worker in the Springfield area, it is important for you to understand the dangers you face on the job. Acute injuries are not the only type that happens at construction sites. The risk of developing chronic and life-threatening ailments, such as pleural effusions, mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural plaques from asbestos exposure is higher for workers in the construction industry than other work sectors. 

Employers must inform their workers when there is a risk of exposure to asbestos and other toxic and hazardous chemicals and substances. They must also take measures such as implementing safety policies, practices and safety areas to minimize the risk and duration of exposure. 

The dangers of exposure 


Riding a motorcycle is always fun–except when snow and ice get in your way. When mother nature ruins your enjoyable rides, you may feel like it is too dangerous or uncomfortable to get on your motorcycle. Fortunately, you can still ride your motorcycle safely during the winter.

You do not need to keep your motorcycle in the garage all winter, but you do need to exercise extra caution. Read on for essential winter motorcycling tips to ensure you make it to spring shiny side up.

1. Check your tires


5 common causes of workplace injuries

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A workplace injury may happen at any job. You do not need to have a physically demanding occupation to suffer an injury at work. No matter how conscientious and attentive you are about being safe and healthy at work, it is possible for you to sustain an injury. 

An accident may occur at work when you least expect it. But what are the most common causes of injuries at the workplace? Here are a few causes that could put you at risk.

1. Overexertion

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